Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Did you know? According to the international Education Association of Australia, 2.5 million foreign students have earned degrees from Australian institutions during the past 50 years.
It’s a wise decision that you choose to study abroad in Australia . Whether you wish to see the Great Barrier Reef, are fascinated by the history and culture of indigenous Australians, or just enjoy relaxing on the beach.

Everyone can find something to enjoy in Australia, and you can be sure to have a good time there. We’ve provided the approximate cost of studying in Australia for Indian students if you want to enroll in an Australian University for your higher education.

What expenses are included in the price of an Australian Education?

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Your institutional expenses , such as your tuition, living expenses , and application fees, must be calculated first. After figuring out these prices ,you can start thinking about additional expenses like food, travel , entertainment and transportation . Many of these expenses may vary from person to person , but this blog will assist you in determining how much money you should set aside for your Australian University tuition.


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The University chosen, the difficulty of the course, the level of study , and whether or not you have applied for scholarships to study in Australia all have a considerable impact on the international student costs in that country. It is crucial that candidates comprehend that these costs do not cove pricey programmes like veterinarian or medical costs . For bachelor’s degrees , the average annual cost in Australia is from AUD 20,000 to AUD 45,000 , while the cost of master’s and doctoral programmes ranges from AUD 20,000 to AUD 50,000 and may go higher . Here is a list of the top universities in Australia together with their average tuition costs , which includes the price of master’s degree in Australia.

University – UG Fees (annual) – PG Fees (annual)

1) University: University of Melbourne

UG Annual Fees: $24,320 – $94,944

PG Annual Fees: $46,304

2) University: Victoria University

UG Annual Fees: $20,400 – $23,600

PG Annual Fees: $21,400 – $26,800

3) University: University of New England

UG Annual Fees: $19,920 – $25,560

PG Annual Fees: $21,800 – $26,400

4) University: Western Sydney University

UG Annual Fees: $22,000 – $29,000

PG Annual Fees: $24,280 – $29,000

5) University: University of Adelaide

UG Annual Fees: $18,480 – $21,730

PG Annual Fees: $38,000 – $53,000


The cost of studying in Australia for students includes living expenses as well as other related costs. The majority of colleges only offer a few student residences available for on- campus living, Therefore, many international students choose living in a private home or with a local family ( homestay) . For students who wish to live close to their schools, UniAcco provides the greatest dorms in Australia. The following list includes typical average prices for popular categories of lodging.

  • Homestay costs between 450 AUD and 1,200 AUD per month.
  • Monthly rent for student halls of residence ranges from 440 AUD to 1,100 AUD.
  • Renting an apartment costs between 750 AUD and 1,700 AUD per month.
  • Renting a shared apartment or home costs between 380 AUD and 850 AUD per month.
  • Without utilities in the rent would add up to 200 AUD per month.
  • The internet fees could range from 70 AUD to 120 AUD per month.



When estimating the cost of studying in Australia, food is one of the most important factors to take into account. Local supermarket sell groceries , which normally cost between 500 and 1000 AUD per month. Shop at bargain supermarkets like Aldi, Coles , and Woolworths to potentially save money. A three -course meal for two cost 80 AUD, but a normal dinner in a budget restaurant is 18 AUD. There are various options if you prefer Asian, Greek or Italian food.


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Some universities provide a private transportation service to help students who live on campus or need to go to far- flung areas. Depending on where you live, you can be qualified for further discounts through state programmes offered by Queensland, South Australia , or Victoria (Melbourne) . Otherwise, depending on the city, a monthly student transit pass costs somewhere between 30 and 70 AUD. It is also possible to get around on bicycle, which would cost you about 40 AUD per day.

Other Expenses


As a foreign student eager to study in Australia, there are additional costs to consider . These include costs for extra textbooks, activities , socializing and entertainment , the movies , clothes , traveling and more. How much you are willing to spend in addition to the cost of studying in Australia will depend on your lifestyle and personal finances.