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Admission to University of the People,

Undergraduate and graduate degrees are available from the private, non-profit University of the People (UoPeople) in the United States. An entrepreneur named Shai Reshef founded it in 2009.

It features an online campus and 15,000 students this year from more than 200 nations. The university’s main website is accessible at, and it is situated in Pasadena, California, in the United States. In 2014, DEAC granted University of the People national accreditation, and BPPE granted it approval.

The university offers an MBA program, as well as two-year associate and four-year bachelor’s degree programs in business administration, computer science, and health science.

About University of the People

UoPeople has quickly gained recognition in the international space of online tertiary education and also has the support of top academics from prestigious universities around the world.

In order to accept students, the university has agreements with New York University, University of California Berkeley, and University of Edinburgh as well as Yale ISP Law School for research. Among other international organizations, UoPeople is associated with the UN, UNESCO, and Ashoka.

Corporate partners of UoPeople include HP and Microsoft. Presidents, chancellors, and vice chancellors from various institutions, including NYU, Oxford, UC Berkeley, Columbia University, The Rockefeller University, Vassar University, the George Washington University, and others, are members of the President’s Council at this institution.

The University of the People is the first free-of-tuition institution in the entire world that offers online courses and digital textbooks. As a result, there are no fees associated with students’ educational training, course materials, or yearly enrollment. However, some administrative costs, such as those for processing applications and final exam assessments, must be covered by the students. If they are qualified, students who are unable to pay the administrative fees can apply for scholarships.

Five things regarding University of the People you should be aware of

Entrepreneur in education Shai Reshef first saw the potential of online learning when he founded University of the People (UoPeople). He established the first non-profit, tuition-free, accredited, online American university in 2009 since it was still far too expensive for the majority of people, and it currently has students from all over the world.

The following list of five facts about University of the People

1. A tuition-free online university is called University of the People

An entirely online university called UoPeople combines volunteer teachers with low-tech teaching aids. Courses, resources, and enrollment are all free. Although there is no charge for tuition, there is a minor fee for course evaluations that amounts to $100 for undergraduate programs and $200 for graduate programs. This suggests that a full bachelor’s degree might be obtained for less than $4,000. W

2. It belongs to an accredited American university

According to the institution of the People, it is the “first non-profit, American-accredited, tuition-free online university.” It has been approved by the US Department of Education-recognized Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). UoPeople is a legitimate American institution because DEAC has been approved by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. Even countries with different educational systems are willing to consider US degrees as long as they are accredited in the US.

3. Anywhere in the world can enroll

Students at UoPeople have allegedly always been ready to learn in the case of a pandemic, according to some. Despite the interruption of thousands of other programs, students in 200 countries and territories were able to continue their studies. This is significant since many UoPeople students are adults with full-time jobs, newlyweds, undocumented students, and refugees; for many of them, this is the only chance they have to pursue a higher education.

4. You could move on to reputable universities

Alumni of UoPeople profit from the university’s established connections with industry leaders and esteemed institutions of higher learning. Numerous students continue their education by enrolling in universities all around the world, such as New York University, the University of Auckland, UC Berkeley, the University of Nairobi, Sapienza University of Rome, and many others.

5. Every year, thousands of students graduate from the University of the People

When UoPeople first started in 2009, employers were wary about a free online degree. 87% of UoPeople alumni are currently employed, with 71% having full-time jobs. Some people hold positions with organizations like the United Nations, the World Bank, IBM, Apple, and Amazon.

Top justifications for attending Uopeople

  • Anywhere there is an Internet connection and a computer, you can access University of the People.
  • The goal of University of the People is to provide any qualified student with access to cheap, high-quality, online degree-granting educational programs.
  • Put an emphasis on the knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in the global economy.

UoPeople School Costs

“Tuition-free” is how The University of the People describes itself. However, there are expenses that a student must cover:

  • A student must pay a $60 registration fee to enroll in the University of the People.
  • A $100–$200 exam administration fee for each exam that a student takes

A student must pass 20 examinations to earn an associate degree (A.S.) and 40 exams to earn a bachelor’s degree, which cost $2,060 and $4,060, respectively.

A student must pay a $200 exam fee for each of the MBA’s 12 courses, for a grand total of $2460.

Requirements for UoPeople’s Undergraduate Degree Programs

UoPeople is a fully accredited online university that has a few conditions for prospective students in order to maintain a vibrant and intelligent student body.

Candidates must be at least 16 years old, be able to show proof of high school graduation, and have English language competency in order to be admitted.

Non-native English speakers and students who did not complete their high school education in an institution where English was the predominant medium of instruction must show proof of their English language ability.

Before moving on to UoPeople Foundations, applicants who cannot offer documentation of their English competence must successfully complete a UoPeople English course. Applicants must submit an online application in order for UoPeople to consider them for admission.

As soon as they are qualified to start their studies at UoPeople, applicants must pay a non-refundable application processing fee.

Admission at UoPeople is not subject to a set entrance test. As a result, entrance exams are not necessary for admission, which means that UoPeople’s online degree program does not require applicants to submit the results of any standardized tests.

Students must successfully complete the UoPeople Foundations Courses in order to be accepted into an undergraduate degree program. The UoPeople Foundations Courses are made to give students the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in their chosen academic degree programs.

Students may continue as Degree Seeking Students at UoPeople in their preferred undergraduate degree program if they have successfully completed the UoPeople Foundations Courses and provided their proof of high school graduation document.

Additionally, UoPeople will take into consideration recognized post-secondary credentials including Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees for admittance. Making duplicate copies of all submitted documents is advised because they become the property of University of the People and cannot be retrieved.

Criteria for a Master of Business Administration

English competence (foreign students must meet English proficiency criteria in accordance with the DEAC norms for graduate study) is a criterion for admission.

A minimum of two years of work experience, One reference (from an employer/lecturer, etc.), and an official transcript of the applicant’s bachelor’s degree are required (if the applicant is unable to demonstrate English proficiency, they will be required to complete English Composition 1 in their first term before continuing to study in the foundation courses).

Candidates must submit an online application and pay a non-refundable application processing fee in order to be considered for admission to the MBA program.

Applicants will be evaluated for admission to the UoPeople Foundations Courses after submitting their online application, and they must successfully complete the UoPeople MBA Foundations Courses in order to be enrolled into a graduate program.

Students may continue as Degree-Seeking Students at UoPeople in their MBA degree program once they have passed the UoPeople MBA Foundations Courses and sent their evidence of Bachelor’s degree completion document.

The UoPeople MBA Foundations Courses are one of the required courses for the MBA degree. An genuine diploma (or transcript proving graduation) given directly to UoPeople (by mail, online submission, or electronic transmission of a scanned copy) will suffice as proof of undergraduate degree completion for the first term of enrollment.

A letter of recommendation from one person who is knowledgeable about the applicant’s academic background and/or professional experience is required, together with a CV detailing at least two years of work experience.

The letter must be properly formatted and addressed to the Office of Admissions at UoPeople. The recommender’s first and last name, email address, and phone number with the area code should be included with the letter.

Courses from University of the People

The master’s and bachelor’s degrees are both offered by this online university.

  • which are Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Business Administration: Full-time students can finish the 40-course program in four years.
  • Business administration master’s degree.
  • A full-time student can finish the 40 courses of the bachelor of science in computer science program in four years.
  • Associate of Science in Computer Science: Full-time students can finish the 20 courses in two years.
  • Health science bachelor’s degree:
  • 39 courses total, taken full-time over four years, are required.
  • There are 19 courses for the associate of science in health science. advanced teaching education master’s degree.


Students who have completed high school, have access to a computer and the Internet, and possess acceptable English language proficiency are accepted by UoPeople. To be accepted into the program, applicants must fulfill the application requirements and go through the application process.

Instructions for University of the People applications

Every year, five terms are used to conduct the admissions procedure. For terms beginning on April 6, 2023, and June 15, 2023, respectively, the following deadlines are March 16, 2023, and May 25, 2023. Those that are interested should apply right away.

Every application is submitted online. The procedure is quite simple. Each new candidate receives a dedicated admissions advisor who helps them at every step of the way.

Please address any worries or inquiries to the advisor. Some of the information you’ll need when submitting the application is;

  • Your contact details, including name, birthdate, and address. Everyone who applies must be at least 16 years old.
  • Education background: This will include details about your high school and, if any, your first degrees.
  • Proof of your ability to speak English, if necessary.l

University of the People Career Service Center

The University of the People’s Career Service Center offers professional counseling and consulting for career advancement both during and after the completion of a UoPeople degree. The University of the People’s Career Service Center offers students thorough, qualified help as well as tools to improve vital professional skills pertinent to the corporate world, such as:

  • composing a cover letter and a resume
  • employment-seeking skills
  • techniques for interviewing people
  • experience in networking professionally
  • Students can use the Career Service Center both while they are still in school and after they have graduated.
  • services

Services for Students at the University of the People

The Office of Student Services was created to offer students individualized support and tools to successfully complete their degree programs throughout their studies. In order to enhance the educational experience of students, student services provides administrative and academic support, as well as information about course registration, university policies, and other fundamentals. Through our online Student Portal, students can access all student information, documents and transcripts, graduation dates and details, referrals to other offices, and the UoPeople Student Handbook.

Reference Services

Students and teachers have access to a variety of top-notch academic resources and services through the University of the People Library and Resource Center (ULRC), which supports the university’s academic programs. The Library and Information Resources Network, a collection of more than 60 million proprietary resources, offers subscriptions to students and instructors.

Rate of UoPeople Acceptance

100% of applicants are accepted, making University of the People one of the 23% of American universities with the simplest entrance requirements. The university does not differentiate between domestic and foreign students while reporting the admissions data. 56,292 students are only enrolled in online courses.

Scholarships at The People’s University

This college provides numerous scholarships to outstanding students.

The University of the People is offering the scholarships listed below:

  1. The Simone Biles Legacy Scholarship foundation: This foundation offers financial aid to students, giving foster youth top preference.
  2. The Botari Women’s Scholarship Fund accepts applications from both new and returning students. (The target audience is female students in Brazil.)
  3. The Henry Schein Scholarship Fund is open to both new and returning students (target audience: students majoring in health sciences).
  4. Myanmar award Fund: Applicants can apply for this award whether they are new or returning students (target audience: Myanmarese).
  5. Vietnamese Scholarship Fund: New Students are eligible for this scholarship (Vietnamese audience)
  6. The Small Giants Refugees Fund offers scholarships to new and continuing students (refugees are the target audience).
  7. Emergency Refugee Assistance Scholarship Fund: Open to Both New and Current Students

(Publicity targeted at: Refugees)

  1. The Gutwirth Foundation offers a scholarship for new and continuing students. Palestinians and Israelis make up the target audience.
  2. The Kruger Myanmar Scholarship is open to both new and returning students. (The target audience is the people of Myanmar.)
  3. The Intel Haitian Women Scholarship is open to both new and continuing students. (Target audience: Haitian women)

The yearly 10th January application deadline is for these scholarships.

The University of the People has approval, right?

When students finish their coursework at the tuition-free, accredited University of the People, they are certified for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or MBA degree.

The University of the People USA has received authorization and accreditation from the Distance Education Accrediting Commission and the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE).

Can I Find Employment After Earning a University Degree?

Of course you can! Degrees and certifications from reputable online universities will help you find your dream job. The University is similar to other universities, however as it is a non-profit organization, there are no tuition fees. The professors at the university are knowledgeable and skilled.

List of University of the People (UoP) Partners

The institutions and groups the University of the People is affiliated with are listed below:

  • Berkeley University of California
  • Harvard Business School Online
  • Yale ISP Law School for Research
  • New York University
  • College of Edinburgh

Admission, costs, and programs at University of the People

The University of the People Online Tuition Free Degrees are covered in-depth in this article, along with the undergraduate and graduate degrees, host institution, subject of study, eligibility, target audience, and scholarship value.

Concerning University Of The People: FAQission, fees for attendance, and courses

The University of People’s website is it free?

The university is the first tuition-free, non-profit online college in the world. With its cutting-edge online learning methodology and instructors from the most esteemed academic volunteers globally, UoPeople offers the option to pursue a top-notch and precious American degree.

How can I enroll in a free course at the University of People?

The majority of the cost of attending college has been erased, and tuition is free at the University of the People. The institution is able to achieve its objective of providing high-quality education to all students thanks to low application and assessment fees.

Is the University of the People’s degree recognized?

It is accepted to hold a degree from the University of the People.

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