Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
All You Need To Know About MBA In Germany

Germany has suddenly become one of the fastest rising country for students seeking for higher institution, this is as a result of the well developed amenities in the country, including research and learning opportunities, world-class technology, and affordable education. MBA in Germany has become more affordable and Popular.

In this article, everything you need to know about MBA in Germany will be made clear to you, this will definitely be of great help to students who wants to pursue management degree in Germany after completing their bachelor’s degree.

Table of Contents:

  1. Reasons to study Germany
  2. Requirement.
  3. Best MBA In Germany Universities | MBA In Germany
  4. GISMA Business School | MBA In Germany
  5. Berlin School Of Business & Innovation (BSBI)
  6. European School Of Management & Technology
  7. University Of Mannheim | MBA In Germany
  8. MBA In Germany Cost
  9. Tuition Fees
  10. Other Costs

Reasons to study in Germany

Affordability: lots of public universities in Germany has made it easy for so many persons by making MBA free, the MBA schools that requires payment for their MBA programme are private school, nevertheless MBA in Germany is still cheaper than the one in US or UK.

Course structure:

MBA in Germany makes provision for quality structures which enables the students conduct and acquire more practical experience.


MBA in Germany is one of the top three highest-paying degrees and because Germany has one of the Europe’s major economies, students graduating from MBA programme, has a greater advantage and opportunity to work for some of the multinational corporation.

Research experience:

The courses are largely research-oriented, you’ll have the opportunity to get exposed to so many things in and out of your area of study which will help you build your mental capacity.


Most German universities offer MBA students the option of taking the course full-time or part-time.


The following are the admission requirements for MBA programmes at most German business schools:

  1. In Germany only a few colleges recognize a three year bachelor’s degree as requirement for an MBA programme, so a bachelor’s degree in relevant discipline and a one-year master’s degree is one of the requirements.
  2. Some German business schools may require valid GMAT/GRE results. It is feasible to apply for an MBA in Germany without taking the GMAT because most German colleges just demand a TOEFL score.
  3. To confirm you’re competent in English language, IELTS/TOEFL/PTE results are required. Colleges also prefer students who have a basic command of the German language.
  4. A minimum of 60% aggregate academic score is required for good academic standing.
  5. In some colleges, an entrance exam is required in order too pursue an MBA programme.
  6. Some MBA programmes may demand 2-5 years of work experience.

Best MBA In Germany Universities | MBA In Germany

There are so many lists of Best MBA in Germany, amongst the many of them, we’ve compiled some of the best business Schools in Germany to help you make a good choice.

1) GISMA Business School | MBA In Germany

This business school has two MBA programmes to choose from. The programmes elaborates on management, operations, strategic organisation, and business control abilities. GISMA is regarded as one of Germany’s best MBA schools, with a flexible MBA curriculum. A full-time one-year MBA on campus in Germany, a two-year part-time MBA at Potsdam, or an online MBA are all options.

2) Berlin School Of Business & Innovation (BSBI)

This remains Germany’s most prestigious business school. It provides two types of MBA programmes. These programmes emphasise the development of business skills and the preparation of candidates for a worldwide job. Students who pursue a Global MBA have the freedom to seek out business possibilities all over the world while also managing the complexity of doing so.

3) European School Of Management & Technology

This business School elaborates on general management, technology, global electives, innovation, Business innovation, leadership, and general management, Strategic leadership, managerial analytics, innovation and entrepreneurship

4) University Of Mannheim | MBA In Germany

This Business School helps students develop best management abilities, they offers two separate full-time MBA programmes. If you want to study MBA in a public university in Germany, this is one of the best options. The course is well-known internationally.

Cost of MBA in Germany

It’s very necessary to put the cost of MBA in Germany into consideration, before making decisions.

Tuition Fees

This depends on the university you choose, the cost of public university is not same with private universities.

Other Costs

Tuition fees aren’t the only costs to consider when studying abroad. It is also important to consider the cost of living and expenses in Germany, Although it may seem difficult at first, but planning ahead of time can go a long way.

To assist you, below is a monthly breakdown of your living expenses, though it is approximately and subject to change, depending on the area you reside. If the semester charges are included, the monthly expenses will be up to 850 euros.

Particular Cost Per Month

  1. Semester Social Charges 70 EUR
  2. Health Insurance 70 EUR
  3. Rent 300 EUR
  4. Groceries 200 EUR
  5. Study Material 30 EUR
  6. Recreation 70 EUR
  7. Transport 80 EUR
  8. Wifi & Telephone Charges 33 EUR

We hope this will be of great help.