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Apply Now for the International Lynn University Conservatory of Music

Private university called Lynn University in honor of Christine E. and Eugene M. Lynn. The college was established in 1963 and is located in Boca Raton on Florida’s southeast coast. Through its six colleges—the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Burton D. Morgan College of Aeronautics, College of Business and Management, Donald E. and Helen L. Ross College of Education, Christine E. and Eugene M. Lynn College of Communication and Design, and Lynn University Conservatory of Music—the university confers associate, baccalaureate, master’s, and doctoral degrees. The Lynn University Conservatory of Music was established in 1992 and joined the university. Each year, the conservatory stages more than 50 performances. Anyone may enroll in the International Lynn University Conservatory of Music undergraduate, graduate, day, first-year, and second-year Lynn University Conservatory of Music students.

Lynn University: Why

  • Greatly modernize the classroom. As an illustration, the institution introduced the iPad project in 2013. With the help of this program, all students now have iPads in place of traditional textbooks.
  • More than 45 undergraduate and 14 graduate degrees are available at Lynn. The university was noted as having increased academic rigor by Inside Higher Education.
  • There are more than 40 student organizations and clubs on campus, so students can find something to do that interest them.
  • The university offers a number of scholarships to deserving music majors.
  • With the Lynn 3.0 program in place, students can take advanced classes and get their degrees in three years as opposed to the traditional four.
  • International students make up about a quarter of the student body at the university, which has repeatedly been named the southern institution with the highest percentage of international students due to its rich and diversified environment.

International Lynn University Conservatory of Music has an acceptance rate of 70% for the 2021–2022 admissions cycle

This shows that 70 out of every 100 candidates were accepted, making Lynn’s admissions process a bit challenging.

Admissions Statistics (2021-22)
Number of Applicants 7,577
Percent Admitted 70%
Percent Admitted Who Enrolled (Yield) 12%

The International Lynn University Conservatory of Music has requirements for the SAT, ACT, and GPA

Test-optional policies are in place at Lynn University. SAT or ACT scores are optional for Lynn applicants but may be submitted. During the 2017–18 admissions cycle, 24% of accepted students submitted their SAT scores.

The majority of admitted students at Lynn University during the 2017–18 admissions cycle had SAT scores that were in the bottom 29% nationally, per these admissions figures. On the evidence-based reading and writing section, 50% of applicants accepted by Lynn University received scores between 500 and 590, while 25% received scores below 500 and 25% received scores beyond 590. On the math portion, 50% of approved students received scores between 490 and 580, while 25% received scores under 490 and 25% received scores over 580. Despite the fact that the SAT is optional, this data suggests that applicants to Lynn University should have a composite SAT score of at least 1170.

For the majority of applicants, Lynn University does not require SAT scores. Candidates who were educated at home are required to submit their test scores. Lynn University does not require the SAT essay section. Your highest composite SAT score will be considered; Lynn does not superscore SAT results.

The majority of admitted students at Lynn University for the 2017–18 applications cycle had ACT scores that were in the top 48% nationally, according to admissions data. 25% of applicants with ACT composite scores greater than 20 and 25% with ACT composite scores lower than 23 made up the middle 50% of those accepted to Lynn University.

The incoming freshman class at Lynn University had a 3.08 average high school GPA in 2018. According to the research, B grades make up the majority of successful candidates to Lynn University.

Rating of the Lynn University Conservatory of Music

  • On January 1st 2023, Lynn University is ranked 6607 in the most recent Webometrics Ranking Web of Universities.
  • THE World University Impact Rankings – Times Higher Education will be published on April 27, 2022. Ranking position #1001.
  • 28 March 2022: US News: Update on the Best Grad Schools (US) for Primary Care Medicine. Lynn University comes in at position 207.
  • On January 24, 2022, Us News released the most recent rankings for (Business), placing Lynn University in position 244.
  • 1 in Most Diverse Colleges in America by Niche, 2023.
  • US News & Report ranked #53 in regional universities in the South in 2023.
  • #55 on US News’ list of the Best Value Schools in 2023.
  • #123 on US News’ list of the Top Performers in Social Mobility in 2023.
  • #60 on Niche’s list of the “Best College Food in America,” 2023.
  • According to Niche, 2023, the #138 best colleges for sports management in America.
  • #164 on Niche’s 2023 list of the best college campuses in America.

Campus of Lynn University and lodging

The area around the institution is perfect for student life because it is surrounded by beaches, entertainment, and booming businesses that offer a range of internships and work opportunities. On campus, there are five Greek groups and 30 student clubs. The institution is home to a wide range of clubs, including leadership groups, volunteer groups, intramural sports teams, spiritual groups, clubs for people from other countries and cultures, and intellectual groups. All students are allowed to park their cars on campus. They must first finish a registration process at the Campus Communication Center in order to park their car on campus. To ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing on campus, the Department of Campus Safety is present. By creating innovative initiatives and investigating novel ways to prevent crime, it also supports neighborhood safety.

Medical services include medical care, counseling, and several fitness programs and courses are offered to students by Lynn. For students, there are various religious organizations. On and off campus, Lynn offers holy spaces and worship services.

Seven alternatives for student accommodation are offered by Lynn University in the country. Four residence halls, two residence hall complexes, and one hotel are available to Lynn students. The university, accommodations, and other amenities are all within walking distance. Traditional utilities, cable, free Wi-Fi, and other facilities are accessible for the comfort of students.

Programs at Lynn University and costs

International students have access to 37 graduate programs with specializations and 42 undergraduate majors at Lynn University. Additionally, certificate programs are offered. In addition to providing individualized training, Lynn also provides some courses online. The core curriculum for undergraduates emphasizes developing skills, taking part in seminar-style courses, quantitative reasoning, scientific literacy, ethical themes, and other topics.

The school provides certificate programs in subjects like sports management, graphic design, investment management, entrepreneurship, digital media, and web design. T

The annual tuition for the best graduate programs at Lynn University is as follows:

Programs Tuition in USD
MBA 13,500
MS Clinical Mental Health 19,500
M.Ed 11,700
Master of Music 13,500
MS Communication 13,500
MFA 20,250
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership 17,550

Process of Admission at Lynn University

Three intakes a year are offered by Lynn University to international students. Prospective students are not charged any application fees by the university.

How to Apply: For undergraduate students, use the Common Application or the online First-Year Application, and for graduate program applicants, use the online Graduate Application.

The following criteria must be met in order to be considered for admission to the university:

  • Filled-out application
  • Transcripts from your high school should be sent directly to Lynn’s admissions office in English or in English with a translation.
  • Transcripts from an accredited university for graduate applicants
  • LOR
  • Personal statement
  • Taking the ACT or SAT is optional.
  • Activity resume (extracurricular activities, voluntary work)
  • the most recent resume submitted by graduates
  • English language test results

English language proficiency standards

In order to be chosen by Lynn College’s admission office, international students must have a sufficient level of English proficiency. The following table lists the minimal English proficiency standards for admission to the university:

Test Undergraduate Graduate
TOEFL 71 80
IELTS 6.0 6.5
Duolingo 100 105
PTE 50 55

Deadlines for applications to Lynn University

The following dates are crucial for applying to Lynn University:

Regular Decision Dec 1, 2023
Regular Admission After Dec 1
Early Action I Nov 15
Early Action II Jan 15
Regular Decision March 1
Rolling Admission After March
Fall July 30, 2023
Spring Dec 10, 2023
Summer April 11, 2023

Lynn University Tuition and Fees

Below is a summary of the undergraduate students at Lynn University’s overall costs[28].-

Expenses Amount in USD
Tuition 38,650
Student Service Fee 1,750
Health Insurance Fee 1,650
Room & Board 12,720
Living Expenses (Transportation, Miscellaneous, Recreation, Etc.) 4,998
Total Cost Of Attendance 59,768

The projected cost of attendance for graduate students is listed below:

Expenses Amount in USD
Tuition 650-750 Per Credit
Room & Board 12,720
Health Insurance Fee 1,573
International Student- Special Fee 200 Approx
Additional Fee Ranging from 30-750 Per Course

Notable Alumni from Lynn University

The alumni association of Lynn University promotes communication between Lynn University and its graduates. Benefits of membership include access to an online community, a subscription to Lynn Magazine, a tuition discount for children of Lynn University alumni, a discount at the campus store, and more.

Additionally, it provides free entry to various events, notary and witness services, and a membership to Connected Knights, Lynn University’s job board and professional development resource. The Career Center aids graduates in landing their ideal job and creating a reliable career path.

Several illustrious alumni of Lynn University include:

  • Maha Haddioui plays golf, Scott
  • Gordon plays soccer, Joseph
  • Abruzzo is a politician, Kendra
  • Erika plays music, and Jean
  • Alexandre plays football.

University Placements at Lynn

Students at Lynn have access to career counseling, help with resume preparation, career shadowing, on-campus and off-campus networking opportunities, personality and skill assessments, mentoring, a job search portal, job search tactics, and other resources. It provides about 500 internships for its students to assist them get ready for future chances in a variety of sectors.

The typical salary for Lynn University graduates is $60,797 USD. Graduates of Lynn University typically earn a starting salary of 48,900 USD.

The table below displays the median earnings for Lynn graduates in various occupations.

Job Positions Amount in USD
HR Generalist 58,000
Film/TV Producer 87,000
Marketing Manager 59,000
Executive Assistant 58,000
Financial Advisor 55,000

Scholarship for the International Lynn University Conservatory of Music

In 1999, the university incorporated the 1992-founded Lynn University Conservatory of Music. Two different scholarship options are available through the conservatory of music. The first is a full-tuition scholarship, which is awarded to all undergraduate, graduate, day, freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students who are admitted into the conservatory of music department. As a result, students are not required to submit a separate application for this scholarship since all students are given a full-tuition scholarship. The conservatory has an audition process to determine acceptance. The room and board scholarship is the second award.

Eligibility for the International Lynn University Conservatory of Music Scholarship

  • The scholarship is open to domestic and international students
  • undergraduate, graduate, day, freshman, sophomore, junior and senior students are eligible for the scholarship
  • US citizen or permanent resident are eligible for the award.

Supplementary records

The following additional supporting documentation are needed for international students (F1 visas):

  • copy of the student’s most recent, duly-signed tax returns, as well as those of their parents or stepparents, if applicable, and spouse.
  • Statement of earnings for the student, spouse/partner, parents, and stepparents
  • Financial records for the student’s, spouse’s, partner’s, and parents’ and step-parents’ accounts
  • a letter outlining the applicant’s sponsor’s expected financial commitment for the 2020–21 academic year.
  • All financial records should have their amounts converted to US dollars. English must be translated into every document.

The International Lynn University Conservatory of Music Scholarship application process

  • The FAFSA application must be completed by domestic students.
  • To electronically sign the application, first-time applicants must apply for an FSA ID. and remember to provide the 001505 school code for Lynn University
  • The International Music Student Housing Application form must be filled out here by international students.
  • International students must additionally include the aforementioned supporting documentation.
  • All papers should be sent to

Selecting a candidate

The Office of Student Financial Services (SFS) evaluates applications. Additionally, the Conservatory of Music is advised as to whether the candidates qualify for financial aid. The Conservatory of Music has the final say in whether a candidate is eligible and how much money will be awarded as a scholarship.

Advantages of the international scholarship for the Lynn University Conservatory of Music

  • All Conservatory of Music students receive full tuition scholarships.
  • housing stipend for qualified candidates. The amount is chosen by the Conservatory of Music.

All applications must be submitted by February 14 of each year.

International Lynn University Conservatory of Music conclusion

The admissions process at Lynn University is well-known throughout the world. It features a sizeable population of students from throughout the world who are studying abroad. Students get access to personalized learning in order to advance their skills and knowledge. The college sets up a center for international programs and services to cater to the needs of overseas students. Students from all around the world are attracted to career center services because they offer alumni and current students access to career-related information and fair job placements.

Common Questions about the International Lynn University Conservatory of Music

What TOEFL score is needed to enroll at Lynn University?

A minimum TOEFL score of 550 (paper-based test), 213 (computer-based test), or 80 (internet-based test) is required for admission to Lynn University.

What percentage of applicants is there to Lynn University’s conservatory?

The admittance rate at Lynn University Conservatory is 32%. About 24 people were accepted into the university conservatory as of 2022 out of 76 applicants.

Is Lynn University a scholarship provider?

Yes, Lynn University offers financial aid. Through merit-based scholarships, Lynn University offers financial aid to its overseas students. All academic majors are eligible for these grants, with the exception of those majoring in social entrepreneurship and music conservatories.

By Qaari