Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
cost of living in latvia

One of the most affordable nations in the Eurozone is Latvia. In other Eurozone nations like Germany or the Netherlands, you would need more money to live comfortably. In the UK, however, you can get by just fine on less. Budgeting is still necessary, though.

Cost Of Living In Latvia

These expenses will reflect the cost of living in the city as Riga is where the majority of international students study. Typical prices (in both euros and dollars) include:

  1. Rent for a one-bedroom apartment is €430 ($500) per month.
  2. Average monthly utility costs: €160 ($185).
  3. Monthly pass for public transportation: €50 ($60)
  4. A meal at a budget restaurant costs €8 ($9.50).
  5. $3 ($2.60) for a coffee.
  6. 1 liter of milk costs $0.90 ($1.10).
  7. 1 kilogram of vegetables cost $1.75 euros.
  8. A dozen eggs cost €1.95 ($2.30).
  9. Water costs $0.70 ($0.60) every 1.5 liters.
  10. 1 kilogram. chicken costs €5.40 ($6.30).
  11. Wine costs €7 ($8.20) per bottle.
  12. Loaf of bread: $1 (or €0.85)

The price of bottled water is shown here. Given that drinking Latvian tap water is unsafe, you should take this into consideration.

In Latvia, rent is often seen as a distinct item from living costs. Thus, the monthly average cost of living for one individual is around €620 ($725).

Although healthcare is free for everybody in Latvia, there are sometimes huge wait periods and limited access to cutting-edge drugs and treatments. Thus, it is restricted to residents and citizens of Latvia and the EU. You must have health insurance in order to apply for a student visa. Only emergencies are eligible for free public healthcare.

Many students want to have a part-time job to increase their income. Finding job, though, might be challenging if your Latvian isn’t fluent. Some foreign students do, however, find side work as language instructors since their first languages are international ones like English, French, and Spanish.

By Qaari