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You should be aware that a two-year programme grants students an advanced post-graduate degree if you intend to pursue any of the MS fields in the USA. The United States provides top-notch research opportunities, a curriculum focused on careers, and recognised instructors to deliver outstanding education. Most international students who travel to the United States to further their education opt for STEM fields of study like computer science, data science, accounting and management, computer engineering, and others.

Advantages of an MS Specialisations from the USA

One advantage of enrolling in one of the best MS programmes in the USA is that, in addition to exams, you earn points from your professors during your MS studies there through practical projects, group projects, and class engagement, which add weight to the outcomes of your final exam. All of these achievements will improve your resume and make you a more appealing candidate.

The large compensation packages firms offer MS graduates from US universities is another important benefit of studying an MS specialisation in the US. Because of this, even though MS fields in the USA are more expensive than in many other countries, the majority of students are able to pay off their debts quickly. In order to assist international students in covering the cost of their studies, many US universities also offer scholarships to them.

Why study MS fields in the USA?

Over 80,000 students travel to the US each year to complete their master’s degrees in a range of fields. The Ivy League universities in the US are renowned as being among the best in the world. You will have an advantage over the competition for a respectable job and a successful career if you have a degree from an Ivy League college or another well regarded university. Among the top 100 universities in the world, more than 50 US colleges are listed. The best MS fields in the USA include the following:

  • Harvard University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Columbia University
  • Northern Arizona University
  • Washington State University

Top MS fields in the USA

MS in Data Science

Handling data is a data scientist’s responsibility. To get and provide the services that clients require, a data scientist is trained to manage significant amounts of data. This curriculum is best suited to students who are analytical and statistically inclined because it is entirely dependent on data analysis. Data science is used to synthesise enormous amounts of data and use it for a variety of purposes, including market research, spotting search trends, and search engine optimization to better understand the target audience, all of which have a direct bearing on business and finance.

Career Prospects – In fields including IT, healthcare, and retailing, data scientists apply a rigorous analytical approach to understand the target audience. The most common positions held by data scientists are Quantitative Analyst, Identity Data Analyst, Data Architect, and so on.

MS In Computer Science

One of the top MS fields in the USA is computer science, which combines theoretical and applied research to understand the ideas, architecture, and application of computers. Computer science is, in a nutshell, the study of both hardware and software. Computer science is a broad field with several subdisciplines, including operating systems, software testing, computer animation, computer theories, and computer languages. Six out of every ten new jobs, as estimated by the US Labor Statistics estimates for the years 2002 through 2012, were computer-related. Computer Science enlightens you to become a professional in:

  • Understanding and Creating an Operating System
  • Programming in a Language.
  • Testing and Development of Software
  • Analyzing Numerical Methods for Algorithmic Problem Solving

Career Prospects – A MS in Computer Science opens doors to careers in a range of sectors, such as software engineering in various IT companies, data analysis in huge international firms, and so forth.

MS In Energy Engineering

Students are supposed to learn about energy sources and how to utilise them through the energy engineering course curriculum. To increase the effectiveness of energy sources, it requires knowledge of a variety of subjects, including chemistry, physics, the environment, economics, and mathematics. One of the most sought-after MS subjects in the USA, it has a variety of subfields including petroleum energy engineering, nuclear engineering, power energy engineering, plant energy engineering, energy services, and more.

Career Prospects – One of the most significant sectors in the world, the oil industry employs many people each year. In addition, the oil and gas industry is expanding and hiring energy engineers.

MS In Information System Management

An information system management master’s degree is designed to provide substantial knowledge in IT strategy and communication. It is especially designed for those who want to deepen their awareness of information technology while enhancing their management skills and learning new strategies. This curriculum covers a wide range of subjects, including, among others, business information management, IT strategy, information technology, and telecom management.

Career Prospects – Graduates from MS fields in the USA are eligible to apply for jobs such as technology officer, information system manager, and computer system analyst. You will be in charge of overseeing every computer in an organisation.

MS In Pharmacy

A science that combines physics, chemistry, and biology is pharmaceuticals. You stay current on pharmaceuticals, medical reports, and healthcare policies and procedures if you have an MS in pharmacy. Among other duties, a pharmacist is in charge of giving patients medicine information, regularly checking on them, and keeping an eye out for any potential side effects. The sub-disciplines of pharmacy include things like medicine, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, and more.

Career Prospects – A pharmacist typically works in medical facilities including clinics, hospitals, and doctor’s offices. Nowadays, doing clinical research or writing a thesis is becoming more popular.

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