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Applying for a France student visa in Nigeria could be difficult. You must prepare thoroughly and attend an interview. This article, on the other hand, will walk you through the visa application process in Nigeria, saving you time and energy.

Because of the diversity of cultures and languages in France, many international students prefer to study there. The country welcomes international students, who have the rare opportunity to network with global citizens. France shares borders with many European countries. As a result, attending school in France may allow you to travel throughout Europe.

Are you ready to study in France? Continue reading to learn how to apply for a France student visa in Nigeria.

The France visa fee, visa application requirements, and visa application center are all covered in this guide. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions about how to apply for a France student visa in Nigeria.

What exactly is a France Student Visa?

The French government established the France student visa to help you study in France. With a student visa, you can stay in France for up to six months or longer to complete your educational program. You do not need any additional permissions to live and study in France during this time.

France student visas are a subset of the France Long Term Visa, also known as the VLT-TS visa. Family Stay Visa, Employment Visa, Marriage Visa, Re-entry Visa, and Medical Visa are the other categories of France Long Term Visas.

To stay and study in France for three months or less, you should instead apply for a France short-stay study visa.

Why should you study in France?

As you may have guessed, studying in France is an enriching experience for any international student. Because of the diversity of cultures and traditions among the people who live in France, you may learn a lot from a new way of life in France. These are some of the reasons why you should study in France:

Excellent weather

Many African international students who have visited other parts of Europe have stated that they prefer the weather in France. As a result, for a student who has never traveled outside of Africa, adjusting to the new weather in France is much easier.

Excellent Social Life

In addition, studying in France allows students to have a fantastic social life. Where people from various backgrounds can meet and share ideas from various walks of life.

Opportunity to Travel Throughout Europe

The added benefit of studying in France is the endless opportunities to travel throughout Europe. With the France Schengen visa and France’s proximity to other parts of Europe (including Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Monaco), you would be able to easily navigate around Europe during your stay in France.

Additional English Classes

In November 2018, French authorities announced plans to expand English-taught courses at their institution. Increasing the number of English-language courses offered to previously undocumented levels in order to attract international students who speak English. As a result, the language barrier may no longer be an impediment to studying in France.

Visa Requirements for Nigerian citizens to study in France

1- Admission to Study

One of the most important requirements is admission to a French institution in France.

2- Financial resources

The French authorities expect a Nigerian applicant for a France student visa to show proof of funds to cover their living expenses in France. The monthly maintenance cost is set at EUR 615 (NGN 249,220 as of February 2019).

You can demonstrate this by providing a bank statement from the last three months. This could be yours or your sponsor’s.

3- A birth certificate

This is required when applying for a France student visa in Nigeria. An affidavit will suffice if you do not have a birth certificate. Before applying for a France student visa in Nigeria, you must be at least 18 years old.

4- Transcript of WAEC/University

5- International Travel Document

6- Certificate of Accommodation

Hotel reservations are not accepted by the French authorities for France student visa applications. As a result, you must provide a certificate of accommodation. This certificate must include your full names, the length of your stay, and the address of your lodging. If you have a host in France who is willing to accommodate you instead, you must provide the host’s form of identification (international passport) as well as proof of accommodation (utility bills).

7- Travel protection insurance

This is a reservation document with a unique PNR that shows your entry plans to France. You should never buy a plane ticket without first obtaining a visa from the embassy.

8- Sponsorship attestation

You must provide an affidavit of sponsorship if your education in France is being sponsored. You should also include a letter from the sponsor explaining your relationship. Remember that the sponsor’s bank statement would be included in the application in this case.

9- Application for a Visa

This form can be obtained from the consulate/embassy.

How to Apply for a Student Visa in France: A Step-by-Step Guide

1- Obtain admission.

The first step is to gain admission to any French educational institution. The standard practice for gaining admission is to apply to three to four schools in order to increase your chances of acceptance.

2- Gather all of your supporting documentation.

3- Attend an initial interview

You would have to be interviewed by the program officer. This is done at Abuja’s ‘Institut Francais du Nigeria.’ To do so, send an email to or requesting that a student visa file be prepared for you. The address of the institute is 52 Libreville Street, off Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja.

4- Send in your application.

You can submit your application at the French consulate in Lagos, which is located at 1, Oyinkan Abayomi Drive, Victoria Island, Lagos. You would also provide your biometrics and pay the visa fee at this stage.

How to Apply for a France Student Visa in Nigeria: Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a French student visa in Nigeria?

In general, obtaining a France student visa in Nigeria can take up to one month. The embassy recommends that you begin processing your application at least two months before the start of your academic year.

What is the cost of a France student visa in Nigeria?

The France student visa fee is approximately NGN 60,000 as of February 2019.

What is the address of the French embassy?

The following is the address of the French embassy in Nigeria:

Ikoyi, Lagos – 1, Oyinkan Abayomi Drive

37 Udi Hills Street, Off Aso Drive, Quartier Maitama, Abuja


It may be difficult to apply for and obtain a France student visa in Nigeria. You should apply as soon as possible and meet all of the requirements. Also, when applying for a visa, do not pay for the actual flight ticket. Visa approval is never guaranteed!