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Full Scholarship

Ever since the invention of formal tertiary education, cost of tuition fees and other utilities for students have been a heavy burden on undergraduate students. However, scholarship programs have helped lessen such burden and made the dreams of many student come to past. This content has so much in stock about getting a full- ride scholarship which will be discussed below:

Table Of Contents:

  1. What is a full-ride scholarship?
    2.What does full-ride scholarship cover?
    3. How do you qualify for a full-ride scholarship ?
    4. Can you get a full-ride scholarship?
    5.How to apply for a full-ride scholarship?
    6. Can international students get a full-size scholarship.
    7. What colleges offer full- ride scholarship?

What Is A Full Ride Scholarship?

A full-ride scholarship is a type of scholarship award created for college students who are in need of financial aid. In a way , it is considered a tuition free scholarship, though its more than that. It is so as it cover other important benefits such as student’s accommodation fee, laboratory fee, internship programs and free summer treats. The cost of a full ride scholarship ranges from institution and location but its between $20000 to less than $100000.

We have different types of full-ride scholarship: full-ride academic scholarship, full-ride athletic scholarship,full-ride leadership scholarship, government full-ride scholarship, and others sponsored by organisation.

What Does A Full Ride Scholarship Cover?

A full ride means that all expenses for attending college are covered, including full tuition and other necessary cost. In fact, a full ride scholarship covers other basic things such as mandatory undergraduate student fees, lab fee, hostel fee, books, supplies and other expenses as long it’s involved in the recipient’s academic excel.

How Do You Qualify?

Many students aim to qualify for a full-ride scholarship before attending college. The high standards of these scholarships are first and foremost to encourage students to excel in their studies and outside the classroom. Although it may differ from institutions to institutions. High school students should focus on developing leadership skills, maintaining a high GPA, and participating in extracurricular activities and community service projects. Athletic full-ride scholarships are the golden ticket to college for student-athletes. However, only 2.3% of students in bachelor’s degree programs received athletic scholarships.

Can You Get A Full Ride Scholarship?

Many full-ride scholarships expect their applicants to be academically excellent. Having exceptional academic credentials is essential, which means having a high class rank in high school and nearly perfect test scores on the SAT or ACT are vital. It is important that while applying for a full ride scholarship, one should also apply for other types of scholarship so as to increase one’s chances of getting any.

How To Apply?

Most scholarship applications are found and can be completed online on the university or sponsor’s website.Scholarship applications will commonly require you to submit an official high school transcript, letters of recommendation, official SAT/ACT scores, and a list of your extracurricular activities.

Can International Students Get A Full Ride Scholarship?

A full ride scholarship for international students is possible in American as other benefits include free airplane ticket and bus to and fro fee for the students.Usually, only those students with citizenship in a country outside the U.S. are eligible for these scholarships.
The Foreign Fulbright Student Program is one such government-funded program that awards full-ride scholarships to foreign students looking to study abroad in the United States for a Master’s or Ph.D. degree.

What Colleges Offers Full Ride Scholarship?

  • Duke University
  • Texas Christians university
  • University of Southern California
  • Wake forest University
  • George Washington University
  • Emory University
  • Miami University
  • University of Kentucky
  • Washington University in St. Louis

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