Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
IELTS English Commonly Used Connectors

Have you ever taken the time to look for connectors or linking words in a phrase while reading a book or any other type of text material?, While it is unusual for people to consciously focus on finding connectors in English, studying for an IELTS exam may force you to do so!, The writing component of the IELTS is primarily graded on coherence and continuity.

To do well in this area, candidates must study and arm themselves with grammatical resources. IELTS linking words or connectors are important grammatical resources that demonstrate a strong command of the language to the IELTS examiner.

Before we get started with our list of IELTS connecting words, let’s go over what these connectors or linking words are and when they should be used.

What Is the Meaning Of Connectors Or Linking Words?

Connectors are words or phrases that join sentences together. They’re also known as ‘linking words’ or ‘conjunctive words,’ and they make a sentence more interesting. The results of the IELTS speaking test are heavily influenced by connectors in English. To achieve a high score, it is critical to use the appropriate connectors when speaking.

Why Should You Use IELTS Connectors?

Here are some reasons why you should use connecting words or connectors in English for your IELTS writing and speaking tests:

  1. They improve the readability and engagement of your writing.
  2. You get to give meaning to otherwise meaningless phrases.
  3. They help readers understand how one statement is related to another.
  4. They aid in determining the purpose of the inquiry and providing an appropriate response.

What Are the Different Kinds of Connectors in English?

The precision, range, and flexibility of linkers and connectors are used to grade students’ written essays. Here is a comprehensive list of connectors from various categories that you can use in your sentence structure:

In addition
Not only, but also
As well as


IELTS English Commonly Used Connectors

Lists are frequently used in paragraphs to present information. The use of specific vocabulary in essays improves their formality and clarity. Here are some English connectors commonly used in IELTS to help you list your paragraphs:


Giving Examples

It is usually beneficial to practice concepts with examples. Candidates must use a variety of linking words to demonstrate their points of view, which must be spoken or written:

For instance
For example
To cite an example
To illustrate
Such as
In other words

Highlighting and Emphasizing or Stressing

It is critical that you understand the purpose of your essay. The following IELTS essay connecting words can be used to highlight important ideas and concepts and ensure they are not overlooked:

In particular
Of course

Consequences and Outcomes or Results

These English connectors are useful for the IELTS test, especially when applicants are required to articulate a consequence or result:

As a result
For this reason

Reasons and Causes

When writing essays, you may be required to provide reasons or explanations for a particular statement. When a question is asked during the IELTS speaking test, this can happen. In this regard, the following linkers may be useful: In this regard, the following linkers could be useful:

Due to
Owing to

Contrasts & Concessions

It is usually necessary to provide opposing viewpoints in an essay. This is especially true in discussion essays, where detailed information is required. The following connecting words can help candidates indicate to the reader that they are prepared to provide a counter-argument:

On the other hand
Even though
In spite of
In comparison
By contrast


These connectors are the most important in bringing a sentence to a conclusion and providing a summary of their response in English:

To sum up
To conclude
In conclusion

Providing Opinion

Aspirants can express themselves more confidently and succinctly by employing the following linkers:

I believe
I admit
In my opinion
I think
I agree/concur

Although the majority of connectors are used at the beginning of sentences, they are also frequently used in the middle. Using connectors in IELTS speaking tests may help you improve your English. Even complex phrases can be conveyed logically with the use of connectors.