Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
International Students Part-Time Employment Option in the UK

UK recently loosened its graduate route visa (post-study employment visa) requirements for foreign students. This will enable students from other countries including from India to continue working in the UK once they have finished their education.

However, there are some restrictions on part-time employment in the UK for foreign students who arrived on a student visa. Any overseas student who does not abide by the UKBA’s regulations runs the danger of being deported. Candidates may take advantage of any possibilities to work on or off campus. The following are the limitations on part-time employment while holding a Tier 4 UK student visa:

  • For people who are pursuing a degree or higher, the maximum amount of paid and unpaid employment per week is 20 hours. This means that throughout the weekdays and weekends, you can’t work more than four hours.
  • Maximum of 10 hours per week of paid or unpaid employment for language centre students during the course term
  • Maximum of 10 hours per week of paid or unpaid employment for language centre students during the course term
  • The student must have a current, full-time student visa that is valid
  • It is acceptable to work full-time on holidays.
  • Authorities in the UK prohibit part-time degree students from working.
  • Until you get a work permit, you cannot work full-time (Tier 2)
  • Self-employment, contract labour, and freelancing are not allowed

Verify that you are eligible to work in the UK under your tier 4 (general) visa status before accepting any part-time jobs, work placements, internships, or unpaid or volunteer positions. Overworking yourself can lead to fatigue and stress, which will negatively impact your academic performance. For this reason, a lot of universities and colleges advise foreign students to limit their weekly work hours to no more than 15. To maintain a balance between study and life, this is the justification. You need to consider about how a job will influence your everyday life, and seek guidance from your tutor or international student support officer if you have any worries.

Best Jobs for Students Studying in the UK

Students have the option of working on or off campus. A few on-campus positions include tutoring, working as a bookshop assistant, a trainer at the university health centre, and library assistant. Data entry, deliveries, receptionist work, and other vocations are a few of the off-campus positions.

It might be difficult to find a part-time job that pays equally well, thus this list of high paying jobs for students pays more than the typical part-time work.

Jobs – Pay per hour (Approx)

  1. Marketing – £11.50
  2. Accounting – £12
  3. Education – £11.34
  4. Health services – £10.80
  5. Social Care – £9.50
  6. Administration – £9
  7. Sales – £8.80
  8. Children Contact supervisor – £9.15
  9. Customer  Service – £10
  10.  Retail – £9.38