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The greatest method to get practical expertise is through a Nike internship. Interns at Nike job on actual projects, interact with many teams, and are an important part of the Nike family. The internship program at Nike is the best way to learn about how all of the company’s businesses—including sport, sustainability, fashion, retail, e-commerce, technology, finance, legal, and design—intersect.

There is no doubt that interns must have obtained valuable work experience at the end of the internship, which will help further their professional development.

Types of Internships Nike Offers

While numerous businesses give interested individuals internships throughout the year, Nike is one business that now only offers one kind of internship:

Summer Internships: Since Nike only offers an immersive internship experience during the summer, you’ll want to clear your summer schedule to ensure that you’re accessible.

Student internships: Only individuals who are presently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs are eligible to apply for internships at Nike.

Internship application for Nike

There are many qualifications for the Nike internship position. You must look through each internship posting and submit an application for the one for which you are qualified.

You must supply personal and professional data as part of the application process by uploading your résumé or importing a profile from a different site. The system will automatically fill out a portion of the online submission by pulling the pertinent data from the profile or CV.

If you don’t have a résumé, you may also choose to manually complete the online application.

Getting a Nike internship

The majority of Nike internship programs need a variety of credentials. The following are some prerequisites that all candidates must meet:

  • Candidates must be enrolled in a Bachelor’s program with a December 2023 or Spring 2023 graduation target.
  • The course must be appropriate for the internship.
  • Typically, prior experience in the suitable internship role is a plus.
  • Candidates must be able to organize their time and prioritize tasks to satisfy obligations that are in line with corporate objectives.
  • Candidates should possess management abilities
  • Candidates who can think independently and creatively
  • Candidates must have a strong love for Nike goods and the consumer

Types of Internships at Nike

The following are the top Nike internship subcategories:

1. Legal Internship at Nike

Candidates must be students for the whole of the internship and possess an EU passport or an EU work permit in order to be considered for the position of an intern. A strong degree of commitment and attention to work, fluency in English, great verbal and written communication skills, and a clear interest in private commercial law and intellectual property are required of applicants. Students from other countries are welcome to apply for this internship. Unfortunately, there are now no openings for legal interns. Please check back frequently for changes.

2. Summer Internship at Nike

All year long, Nike accepts interns. From June through August, the majority of the internship program lasts 12 weeks. It enables interns to view and experience Nike first-hand from within. On Nike’s website, there are other internships with different durations, although they are smaller programs.

3. MBA internship at Nike

Depending on the role, Nike may have different requirements. However, the majority of Nike internship slots call for students earning Bachelor’s degrees, with graduation dates projected for December 2020 or Spring 2021.

4. Engineering internship at Nike

There isn’t a position open at Nike right now for an engineering internship. For the most recent information, prospective candidates should frequently visit the Nike internship website.

5. Nike Internship in Finance

Candidates must be enrolled in school full-time throughout the internship period in order to be considered for a financial internship job. Starting on August 1st, 2020, they must be available for a 12-month, full-time internship. Ideally, candidates will be third- or fourth-year students majoring in finance, accounting, or a similar topic who are proficient in English and have knowledge of Microsoft Office.

Candidates who have held prior internships in finance, accounting, or controlling are asked to list these experiences on their resumes. Candidates should be enthusiastic about both the Nike brand and sports in general.

6. Internship at Nike in marketing

There is an internship opportunity for the Nike Digital/Membership Brand Marketing in Paris, France. The ideal candidate for this role will have a master’s degree, expertise in digital marketing, and a love of the game. Candidates must speak English well and French fluently to be considered.

Interns will be required to track the effectiveness of Nike’s digital platforms, examine consumer behavior, communicate the newest Nike innovations and trends, and take part in the production of content and events for Nike.

7. Internship with Nike Global Technology

In Beaverton, Oregon, in the United States, there is a position available for a Global Technology Internship. Candidates must be pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, information sciences, or a similar subject and possess knowledge of one or more computer programming languages to be eligible for consideration.

Candidates must have excellent interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills in addition to strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. Prior job or internship experience in the field is advantageous.

8. Undergraduate internship with Nike

The majority of Nike internship slots are open to undergrads enrolled at approved institutions to pursue an undergraduate degree.

Internship at Nike in graphic design

Candidates for this post should be proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign and have graduated from a BAC + 4-5 visual communication-focused institution. Unfortunately, Nike does not currently have any openings for graphic design interns.

What’s it like to intern with Nike?

You will collaborate in teams, work on pertinent initiatives, and join the larger Nike community as an intern at Nike. You won’t spend the entire day at a desk. The Nike internship program offers chances for professional growth by giving participants access to leadership and practical experience.

What locations are there for Nike internships?

Internship opportunities are available at Nike both domestically and abroad. At its global headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, Nike offers programs that explore and connect the numerous businesses that make up the company, including sport, sustainability, fashion, retail, e-commerce, technology, finance, design, and much more. A current list of internship opportunities in the US is available on the Nike website.

Additionally, Nike offers fantastic opportunities for interning for Europeans at its European Headquarters (EHQ), which is situated in Hilversum, Amsterdam. Interns here fully commit to their role as interns. For additional details on Nike’s available internships and career opportunities in Europe, click here.

How can I locate the ideal internship at Nike?

Prospective interns may find Nike’s Find Your Fit tool helpful in determining what would be ideal for them. Consequently, Nike offers internships that can be a suitable fit for your skill set and hobbies, whether you are a business student or a graphic artist.

Visit Nike’s website first, and then select the department you wish to work in. Notably, the lists are arranged by country rather than by state or province. After choosing a location, you will be questioned about some fundamental topics like “What do you hope to pursue as a career?” and “What characteristics best describe you?” Before moving on to the next question, you are given a list of potential responses from which you must choose at least three. After around five minutes of ticking boxes, Nike will provide you with a list that matches both your area of expertise or major and your hobbies.

Where can I look for various Nike internships?

In addition to the Find Your Fit feature, which helps you identify which internships are ideal for you based on a few straightforward criteria, you may search for internships on the Nike website. You may look for internships at Nike and its numerous affiliates, like Converse and Jordan, by using the filters on the left. Be sure to mention the word “internship.” Otherwise, you can find yourself just hunting for jobs rather than internships.

Where do I go to submit an internship application?

The next step is to create an account after utilizing the Find your Fit tool or a search to find the internship you’re interested in. Click “Apply Now” after you’ve located the internship you want to apply for to begin the procedure. To create an account and begin applying, click here and then “register”.

How can you get a Nike internship?

Given how competitive Nike internships may be, it is always helpful to get an edge over your rivals. The following advice will assist you in finding an internship:

To start, Nike lets you submit multiple internship applications at once. So, if you think you qualify for more than one position, submit applications for all of them. Nike may find you suitable for another internship even though you are rejected from one.

Apply next as soon as you can. Do you know the saying, “The early bird gets the worm?” When it comes to internship applications, it is unquestionably true. Although Nike offers internships throughout the year, applying early is typically helpful.

How Difficult Is It to Intern at Nike?

The goal of an internship at Nike is to push you professionally and shape you into a person who is prepared to face the working world after you complete your degree.

Although Nike’s internships might occasionally be difficult, most people wouldn’t describe them as difficult. They provide you the resources you need to succeed while making it as enjoyable as they can.

What Notable Projects Are Possibile for Interns to Work On?

Designing new items, selecting materials, and creating advertising campaigns are some significant examples of tasks that interns at Nike might work on. Of course, not everyone will experience this, but it is conceivable for those interning in this field of the company.

Benefits of Interning at Nike

When you intern at Nike, you’ll gain a number of advantages.

The advantages are numerous and include gaining priceless professional experience, developing relationships with business leaders, and more.

The major advantage of working at Nike will be the knowledge you gain during your internship.

No matter if you want to work in marketing, law, human resources, fashion merchandising, or another field, you will gain leadership skills and other abilities.

Working effectively as a team, defending your ideas, and not taking criticism personally are other skills you’ll acquire.

Application of Nike

They accept applications online through their career website. On their website, one may browse through the many roles that are open. They might choose to sign up to get email notifications of any potential job openings in the future.

Other than the opportunity to import information from your LinkedIn account, there is no online application process. The resume would serve as the only foundation for the first application stage in addition to that.

Make sure to include all the details required for the post in the CV. It would be beneficial to provide pertinent information that would set your application apart.

The initial interview would take place over the phone and last for around 10 minutes.

Internship acceptance rate at Nike

The figures on Nike’s internship program acceptance rates are scarce, but the majority of candidates who have applied for standard positions there find it difficult to be hired.

Since the firm hires many of its full-time workers from there after internships, it is safe to conclude that getting an internship with the company is a little bit difficult.

Skills to Have for Nike Interns

Here are some suggested abilities that Nike interns should possess in addition to particular skills for your selected sector of the business:

  • being able to multitask
  • the capacity for professional and successful communication
  • Leadership qualities
  • speaking in public
  • Punctuality
  • the capacity to meet deadlines

Which Nike Teams have internship opportunities?

The following fields are where Nike provides internships:

  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Digital
  • Chain of Supply
  • Merchandising
  • Legal
  • Planning Strategically
  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Analytics
  • Purchasing & Manufacturing Worldwide
  • HR in procurement

What is included in the summer program?

This internship is more than just a desk job; it is not your standard internship. One example is a speaker series where some of Nike’s top executives share their knowledge and enthusiasm. Access to the top fitness coaches in the world is available, along with training sessions. The program is filled with entertaining events that take place on campus. You’ll love the atmosphere of Nike’s vibrant open-concept workplace in addition to being surrounded by fantastic coworkers and a culture of excellence.

A Nike internship interview

You need to secure an internship before considering a full-time position with Nike following your internship. You must ace the interview if you want a position with Nike as an intern. You should conduct yourself in an interview for an internship with Nike the same way you would in one for a job.

a job at Nike

This business provides its staff with a first-rate benefits package that includes the following:

  • 401(k) Plan
  • Insurance against Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Dental Insurance
  • Fitness Centers (on-site or nearby)
  • Health Insurance
  • Long-Term Illness
  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement Program with Profit Sharing
  • Temporary Disability
  • Vision Protection

Employees receive bonuses yearly depending on both individual and team success. Additionally, workers have the option of using one to ten percent of their compensation to buy business shares at a 15 percent discount from the fair market value.

Additionally, Nike workers in the US are entitled to a sizable amount of yearly vacation time. Up to three weeks of paid time off, which can be utilized for vacation, sick time, or personal days, can be accrued by workers with fewer than two years of service.

Available Positions at Nike

Three sections of the business make hiring decisions:

  • Corporate
  • Distributing Facilities
  • Shops for sale

There may be titles for the following jobs available:

  • Lead Athlete for Clothing and Equipment (Sales Associate)
  • Business Scheduler
  • (Department Manager) Coach
  • Expert in Consumer Experience
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Founder of footwear
  • Engineering in Industry
  • Lift driver and Material Handler
  • The Inventory Planner
  • Manager of a retail store that works with robots and golf clubs
  • Athletic Training Product Associate at Livestrong
  • Security guard
  • Planning senior materials
  • Consumer Services Territory Presentation Manager – Service Experience Manager

Final Verdict: Nike Job And Internship Openings – Apply Here

You will gain from having an internship with Nike in a variety of ways. There are more than enough reasons to apply, including the chance to grow your professional network, land a full-time position after your internship, and develop your talents.

Throughout the summer, you’ll get paid for your work and receive training from professionals in the field. Apply as soon as possible to guarantee yourself a seat in this fantastic internship.

Internship And Job Openings at Nike: Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit more than one internship application to Nike?

Yes, students can apply for a variety of internships, and doing so is encouraged.

Can someone who has already earned their college degree apply for an internship?

Unfortunately, the response is “No.” You must still be enrolled in school (undergraduate or graduate) to be eligible to intern at Nike.

Are interns at Nike paid?

Yes, please! Every intern at Nike is paid. The average hourly wage is $23, with a pay range of $15 to $27, according to Glassdoor.

What Age Do Nike Employers?

Working at Nike requires a minimum age of 16 years old. Those of legal age must possess a GED or a high school diploma or be working toward one.

Does Nike employ foreign students?

Yes! It is well known that Nike hires foreign students.

International students may hire people from outside the United States so long as they may work in the approved workplace and they have a work permit or other required papers.

Do you need a cover letter for Nike?

Actually, no. Although they are optional, cover letters may help you stand out from other applicants, so it is worthwhile to include one with your application.

How long do interns at Nike work?

Typically, summer interns at Nike work full-time. This implies that they will work about 40 hours each week.

Does Nike Consider GPA?

The decision to hire you as an intern at Nike is not based on your GPA.

The decision-making process at Nike is heavily influenced by your personality, other abilities, and professional experience. Although those with higher GPAs are given preference, if you possess many of the other attributes they are seeking but your GPA isn’t ideal, you may still be able to secure an internship.

Is an Internship at Nike Good?

A Nike internship is fantastic.

All of their interns are paid, and they assist them in honing their talents so they may join the workforce after graduation.

Is a Nike Internship Worth It?

It’s worth it, most individuals who have interned at Nike will tell you.

The summer internship is worthwhile because of the abilities you gain, the contacts you create, and even the prospective career chance at the end.

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