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how to study in cyprus from nigeria

Nigerian students frequently travel to study in Cyprus, the third-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea south of Turkey.

Cyprus, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, is the location of numerous famous Asian institutions.

So, if you’re thinking about migrating to Cyprus to continue your education, you’re making the perfect choice!

Cyprus invests much in its educational system, ensuring that students have an exceptional educational experience while there.

I’ll walk you through the procedure for studying in Cyprus from Nigeria in this article, along with other pertinent details.

If you have any inquiries or require additional clarification, please let me know in the comment section.

Summary of Contents

  1. Nigerian student studying in Cyprus
  2. English is a Common Language
  3. System of Education as a Whole
  4. Reasonable Prices
  5. Lovely Landscape
  6. Student Visa for Cyprus
  7. Conditions for a Student Visa for Cyprus
  8. Worldwide Passport
  9. Application for a Visa
  10. Photographs for passports
  11. Evidence of Financial Capability
  12. Academic diplomas and transcripts
  13. Health Certification
  14. Police character reference
  15. Evidence of Tuition Payment
  16. Travel Protection
  17. Entrance Letter
  18. Evidence of accommodation
  19. Reservation Documentation
  20. The steps to apply for a student visa for Cyprus are as follows
  21. Student visa cost in Cyprus
  22. Application Period for Student Visas in Cyprus
  23. Cyprus Student Employment
  24. Conclusion

Nigerian student studying in Cyprus

The following are the benefits of studying in Cyprus;

  • English is a Common Language
  • System of Education as a Whole
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Lovely Landscape

English is a Common Language

Cyprus was originally a British colony. It comes as no surprise that English is a widely spoken language in the nation.

Although Greek and Turkish are the official languages, English is taught in several universities, removing the language barrier and drawing foreign students, especially Nigerians, to the nation.

System of Education as a Whole

The Cyprus government places a high value on education and goes to great lengths to ensure that both its people and visitors receive top-notch education.

The governmental and private institutions that make up the higher education system in Cyprus are both affected by the Bologna process and the European higher education system.

These universities are renowned for their dedication to excellence, welcoming atmosphere, cutting-edge infrastructure, and qualified teachers.

In a Cypriot university, you may be confident that you are receiving the highest possible education.

Reasonable Prices

Depending on the course of study, Cyprus’ higher education institutions provide education at reasonable costs.

In addition, the Cypriot government provides excellent overseas students with scholarships that pay 10% to 20% of their tuition.

All of these would contribute to making education less expensive.

Lovely Landscape

Cyprus is a stunning country, that much is clear.

It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world given the abundance of breathtaking vistas.

Cyprus is the ideal vacation spot for anyone looking to unwind and have fun, with its many beaches, pleasant climate, and natural treasures.

It’s amazing how many universities in Cyprus offer courses in hospitality, business, and tourism.

Student Visa for Cyprus

You need a student visa if you want to go outside of Nigeria to study in Cyprus.

Your education in Cyprus is only accessible with a student visa from Cyprus.

To lawfully enroll in a Cypriot institution or college, you must have this visa.

The Civil Archive and Migration Department in Cyprus typically approves it with the condition that the student departs the nation after completing their studies.

Keep in mind that only international full-time students—those who enroll in at least 12 credits per semester—are eligible for student visas.

Conditions for a Student Visa for Cyprus

The prerequisites for acquiring a student visa for Cyprus are as follows:

  1. Worldwide Passport
  2. Application for a Visa
  3. Photographs for passports
  4. Evidence of Financial Capability
  5. Academic diplomas and transcripts
  6. Health Certification
  7. Police character reference
  8. Evidence of Tuition Payment
  9. Travel Protection
  10. Entrance Letter
  11. Evidence of accommodation
  12. Reservation Documentation

Worldwide Passport

Before requesting a Cyprus student visa, an international passport is required.

At least a year must pass following your arrival in Cyprus for this passport to remain valid.

It also needs to have at least one blank page for the placing of the visa.

Additionally, you can provide old passports and stamps so that your trip history can be reviewed.

Application for a Visa

The Cyprus visa application form must be filled out accurately and completely.

Before sending it to the embassy, you should cross-check your information and add your signature where it belongs.

Photographs For Passports

A total of four (4) passport photos are needed.

These passports must be current; they should display your entire face on a white background with a neutral expression.

Evidence of Financial Capability

It would be beneficial if you could demonstrate that you have the means to support yourself during your stay in Cyprus.

You can offer the bank statements from your parents or sponsor, as well as your own.

If you are receiving financial aid, you must show the grant documentation that name your sponsor and the scholarship certificate.

You must use it to pay for all of your living expenses during the school year.

Academic diplomas and transcripts

You must present your academic credentials, including your WAEC, NECO, and other diplomas, as well as your transcripts from previous institutions.

You must present the authentic credentials from your bachelor’s or master’s degree program if you plan to pursue postgraduate study.

Please take note that you must submit two (2) original certificates with signed copies.

Police character reference

You must present an authentic police certificate from Nigeria attesting to your good character and lack of criminal history.

Health Certification

The Cyprus government demands that applicants submit original medical records. This test should reveal whether you have COVID-19, Yellow Fever, TB, etc.

Evidence Of Tuition Payment

You need to provide documentation that you have paid the tuition for your program of study.

Students can demonstrate this by displaying the actual receipt, which must include the name of the university, your full name, and your account number.

Travel Protection

Present your travel insurance. It would be advantageous if you exercised caution, though, as the embassy does not accept all forms of travel insurance. Make contact with a visa specialist who can help you with the procedure.

Entrance Letter

You must provide the admission letter as proof that you have been offered admission to a university in Cyprus.

Your entire name, the name of your university, the course or program you want to enroll in, the length of the program, and a breakdown of your tuition costs must all be included in your letter.

Evidence of Accommodation

Students have the option of staying on or off campus. You need to provide documentation of a legitimate hotel reservation if there are no longer positions available in the resident halls at your university.

Keep in mind that this hotel reservation must be kept up to date during the submission of your application.

Reservation Documentation

You must present documentation of your flight reservation. It is a crucial piece of documentation for your application.

A Guide To Applying For A Student Visa In Cyprus

  • Prepare the necessary documents.

Once you have your admissions letter and the aforementioned paperwork ready, double check to make sure no crucial paperwork is missing.

  • Fill out the visa application form by downloading it.

After downloading, make sure you complete your application form accurately because providing inaccurate information could end up costing you a lot of money.

Add your supporting documents as an attachment to the visa application form.

Visit the Embassy to pay your visa fees.

To begin the visa processing, go to the Abuja embassy and pay the necessary processing cost.

You will also get your biometrics taken at the Cyprus Embassy in Abuja.

  • Submit your Application

Your application must be submitted at the Cyprus Embassy in Abuja.

After evaluation, the Civil Archive and Migration Department will receive all submitted petitions for final approval.

A unique ID may also be issued to you, allowing you to follow the progress of your application.

Student visa cost in Cyprus

The usual application fee for a student visa is €60.

To find out the precise cost, you need go to the Embassy or Consulate as this price is subject to change.

Application Period for Student Visas in Cyprus

How long does it take to have a student visa application processed in Cyprus?

The processing time for a Cyprus visa application is not fixed because so many variables might influence it.

However, it often takes one to two months for your visa application to be processed.

Because of this, it is advised that you begin the application process at least three months before you return to your academic program.

Cyprus Student Employment

Can you Work in Cyprus While You’re a Student?

Certainly! The following jobs are acceptable for students to work up to twenty (20) hours a week in:

  1. Night shift personnel
  2. Operating a bakery
  3. Residential Activities
  4. Food shipping
    Kitchen Helpers
  5. Social and Health Services
  6. Fuel station/car wash
  7. Animal production
  8. Recycling
  9. Farming or animal husbandry
  10. Cleaners

In order for students to get real-world experience in their specialties, the government also permits them to work during the summer.


Cyprus is a popular study abroad location for Nigerian students because it offers low tuition and living costs, frequently waives the IELTS/TOEFL entrance requirement, and offers a high grade of instruction in a friendly setting.

We sincerely hope that this post has been helpful to you if you have been looking for information on how to continue your study in Cyprus as a Nigerian.