Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
Cheapest Universities In The UK

Majority of students have always dreamt to study abroad, especially UK. The thought of numerous experience they’d gather, keeps them excited and amongst the many benefits associated with studying abroad, is making new discoveries, widening your broad of knowledge and experience.

However the lack of finance can pose as a hindrance to many as moving abroad requires substantial amount of money, though this is not for everyone because some are financially bouyant to cater for the expenses, that is why it’s important to pick a less expensive institution.

Here in this blog, are some list of quality and less expensive universities in UK for international students and Indian student.

The List Of Cheapest Colleges In The UK For International Students Are:

University Of Bolton

Fee Cost: £11,250

This University was founded in 1825, it was formerly known as the Bolton Mechanics Institute.The university is well equipped and situated in Bolton, between Deane Road and Derby Street. In 2022-2023, both the undergraduates and postgraduates international students of Bolton universities paid the same yearly fee, with a tuition fee of £11,250.

University Of The Highlands And Islands

Fee Cost: £7,200

This University remains one of the cheapest university in UK for master’s degree, university of Highlands and Islands was founded in 1993, it is Known for their well equipped laboratories, practice areas, classrooms and high quality of learning and research, the university has it’s executive headquarters in Scotland. Their tuition fee ranges from £6,200-£10,000 depending on the type of program one wants to offer. The international students in this University can easily access scottish island if they want to study on campus, in addition to less expensive and varied post graduate education choices.

University Of Hull

Fee Cost: from £8,950

This University is among the cheapest universities in UK for international students, the university is a public university and has Alot to offer those who study and live in the city, it was founded in 1927. The University accepts international and domestic students from all over the world every year, courses offered include arts, cultures, Education faculty,law school and department of politics. Overseas and UK students pay same fees for most full time master’s degree at the university of Hull 2022-2023.

Middlesex University

Fee Cost: £ 9,250

The tuition is affordable and as low a £9,250 for international students. This University is also known as MDX, it is one of the cheap, best and well equipped universities in the UK. The university’s name is derived from its position within the ancient county boundaries of Middlesex. MDX offers students the necessary equipment they need to progress in their careers after graduation.

Liverpool Hope University

Fee Cost: £12,500

Liverpool Hope University is a well equipped and recognized institution located in Liverpool, a beautiful seaport city in North West England. It is one of the less expensive colleges in the UK and was founded in 1884. Along with the low university fees for international students, Liverpool Hope University offers varieties of enticing postgraduate courses for students to advance their careers. The atmosphere and environment is peaceful and conducive for studies.

University Of Suffolk

Fee Cost: from £9,250

The institution is situated on the beautiful Ipswich shoreline in the ancient town of Suffolk and was founded in the year 2007, since 2016 the institution has been providing students with degrees. Suffolk University is one of the cheap and well equipped institution placing an entrepreneurial and modern focus on learning.

This lists will definitely be of great help to those in search of quality and cheapest universities in the UK for studies, do well to also check the website for the various listed universities, this is to enable you get more information based on the programme of your choice and the cost.

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