Sun. Oct 1st, 2023
cost of studying in romania

The cost of tuition in Romania varies depending on your location and the course you are taking. It will be less if you are from Romania, the EU, the EEA, or Switzerland than if you are from somewhere else. Despite this, there aren’t many differences.

Costs will range from 10,000 ROM ($2400) to 24,600 ROM ($6040). Programs like engineering and medicine typically fall towards the higher end of this spectrum.

Most institutions will want you to submit a deposit equal to at least one semester’s worth of fees before you arrive in Romania. Depending on the school, this may change.

In Romania, there aren’t actually any student loans. Many students borrow money from banks or rely on current funds. Romania does have a sizable selection of scholarships available, despite the absence of any notable student financing program.

The Romanian government offers several STEM-focused scholarships, but there are numerous more opportunities from private institutions, Organizations, and in some cases even your own nation.

You’ll need to conduct some research and work hard to find different types of scholarships. Normally, applications can only be submitted in English or Romanian.

By Qaari