Mon. Dec 4th, 2023

Tuition Fees For Students

The government does not regulate tuition costs, however they are limited to a maximum of 6,500 AZN ($3800) every academic year for undergraduate degrees for both domestic and foreign students. Comparatively speaking to many other nations in the region, this is much lower.

Even though they are not included in the quota, postgraduate degrees typically only cost around 6800AZN ($4000) per year. Each academic year, the cost of a Doctorate is comparable. If a student is teaching while pursuing their Doctorate, they may elect to have their tuition payments withheld straight from their paychecks in a tax-like manner.

Study in Azerbaijan: Tuition Fees & Scholarships

The Azeri government pays the tuition costs for some STEM students as well as those from underprivileged backgrounds. Others must cover their own costs. Nonetheless, Azerbaijani law requires that all goods and services be paid for in Manat, despite the fact that many schools advertise their tuition costs to international students in US Dollars.

Azerbaijan wants to expand its footprint in higher education. As a result, some scholarships are unavailable. Although this number is rising, it still pales in comparison to what is offered in nations like the US, Canada, and the UK.

Scholarships In Azerbaijan

The Government of Azerbaijan Scholarship is the most sought-after among these awards. The scholarship, which is given each year to a chosen group of overseas students, pays for all tuition fees, international airfare, visa fees, and 800 AZN ($470) per month to assist with housing and living expenses. Even health insurance is paid for by the scholarship. Below are more details regarding this fantastic scholarship.