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Student discounts for Hulu without ads

Everyone is struggling with money right now, but students are particularly affected because they must pay for their tuition, room and board, books, and other necessities of daily life. Every little bit counts, and Hulu has a new offer specifically for students that will let them watch their preferred shows without going over their spending limit. Students can subscribe to Hulu’s ad-supported plan for $1.99 a month, the streaming provider said this week. We will cover all you need to know about the Hulu student discount no advertisements plan in this article.

Describe Hulu

Let’s go over some key Hulu facts before we get into the meat of the student discount no advertisements plans. Customers in the US and Japan can view well-known TV shows on Hulu, an on-demand video service.

Blockbuster and independent movies, original programs, blockbuster TV shows from a range of well-known network channels, as well as documentaries are the main streaming genres that Hulu specializes in.

The program differs from other well-known streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in that users can view popular shows from a variety of traditional networks that have previously been broadcast.

Usually, you may see an episode of a well-known television series just a week or, in some circumstances, a day after it airs. Contrary to cable, a Hulu membership does not come with any additional fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments.

You can watch Hulu at home or while you’re on the move with a lot of your favorite streaming devices. Customers of other streaming services have had the ability to view content offline for years, and Hulu finally added it in October 2019.

On five different devices, viewers can download up to 25 songs, which they can keep for up to 30 days. The feature is exclusive to Hulu’s ad-free subscriptions.

Why is Hulu a better platform for streaming videos?

Among online video streaming firms, Hulu is rapidly gaining market dominance. The following are a few of the main advantages of having a Hulu subscription:

  • The collection on Hulu is huge.
  • There is a ton of original content on Hulu as well.
  • You can watch popular television program episodes on Hulu as soon as they air, usually within a week.

Additionally, unlike cable, a Hulu membership doesn’t require any additional payments, equipment rentals, or installation appointments.

  • Contrary to traditional television, Hulu does not require contracts or commitments over an extended period of time.
  • Hulu also enables you to watch videos whether traveling or at home.
  • Customers of Hulu can also access content offline. Many other streaming services are lacking this feature.
  • subscriptions to Hulu could save up to 25 tracks on five different devices. They have up to 30 days to access the materials as well.

Can a Student Get a Free Hulu Discount?

For the record, Hulu does not offer special rates for students. On the other hand, thanks to Spotify’s student discount policy, students may be able to access Hulu for nearly free. It would be nice if you qualified for this discount since you are a student, though.

Military Discount for Hulu

Military personnel can receive a discount with Hulu’s Exchange promotion. Get one month free and 10% off each subsequent month for as long as a year ($7.99 before the discount). This promotion is only valid for the Limited Commercials bundle. Only Exchange approved consumers who subscribe at have access to this special offer.

How Much Does a Hulu Subscription Cost?

The standard Hulu streaming service is split into two tiers: an ad-supported tier costs $6 per month, and an ad-free tier costs $12 per month.

How Can I Sign Up for Hulu?

Using a computer or a smartphone to sign up for Hulu is simple. But keep in mind that Hulu often offers simple sign-in and activation procedures, whether you’re using a mobile app or a TV app.

How to register with Hulu;

  • To get started, go visit

After that, do as the screen instructs.

Customers of Hulu on Apple and Android devices can link their accounts to simplify payments.

No-Ad Hulu Student Discount

The Hulu student discount no advertisements plan offers a 65 percent discount off the typical monthly charge of $5.99, which is what most users pay. Hulu announced the new package on January 11th, and students can subscribe to receive the discount.

Students will be able to take advantage of the discount for the foreseeable future so long as they continue to be enrolled in school; it does not appear to be a limited-time offer.

One of the largest discounts Hulu has ever offered for its ad-supported plan is being offered right now. Hulu made a comparable offer on Black Friday, enabling both new and reoccurring subscribers to get the ad-supported version of Hulu for $2 per month for a year. That’s theFor the first time, Hulu offers students a separate discount.

How To Get Student Discount On Hulu Without Ads

How do you go about utilizing this fantastic deal? Well, registering for a Hulu student discount without advertisements is quite easy. Both new and current users are eligible for the discount, albeit the procedure varies for each.

  • You can sign up for Hulu by starting by clicking “Sign up now” on the Student main page.
  • Keep in mind that you must prove that you are a student. Hulu worked with SheerID to confirm this in order to verify this. Your name and the name of the college you attend must be included. Additionally, SheerID may ask for papers like your ID or a transcript.
  • Once SheerID is activated, you will be eligible for the Hulu student discount has attested to your status as a student.

How to Register for the Student Discount on Hulu No Advertising for Current Customers

  • To get started, sign in to your Hulu account using your username and password.
  • Go to the Hulu Student homepage and select “Get Offer,” which will enable you to add the student discount to your ad-supported Hulu subscription or, if you are already a customer, convert to the discounted plan.
  • To confirm that you are a student, tell SheerID your name and the college you attend. Additionally, SheerID may ask for papers like your ID or a transcript.
  • Once SheerID has confirmed that you are a student, you will be able to take advantage of the Hulu student discount.

Who Qualifies for the Student Discount on Hulu?

If you are currently enrolled in a US Title IV recognized college or university and are at least 18 years old, you are eligible.

As long as they are US Title IV accredited, four-year universities, community colleges, and other accredited institutions all count. If you’re unsure if your institution qualifies, you can find out if Title IV is accredited by visiting the Federal Student Aid website.

You may still benefit from this offer even if you had a Hulu membership before enrolling at a school that is eligible. To use your Spotify membership with Hulu, just sign up for the student discount on Spotify and change your Hulu payment method.

What Is the Process for Hulu Verification Student Enrollment?

You might never be able to utilize the Spotify student discount to access Hulu services if your account has not been validated. Your registration is validated by SheerID, an identity verification service used by Hulu and Spotify. This verification process is automated, but occasionally the automation fails. If the Hulu verification process is unsuccessful, you can manually upload the necessary documentation.

If the Hulu Automatic Verification fails, what should I do?

You will need to manually upload the required papers if SheerID is unable to authenticate your registration. To do this, register as usual and select manual verification as your verification method.

  • To get started, go to and select GETTING STARTED.
  • Go to your Spotify profile.
  • Manually check is chosen.
  • After providing your information, click Next.
  • Clicking on a file will select it.
  • Click Open after selecting your registration proof.
  • Click Upload Document to continue or Choose File to add more proof.

If all of your paperwork has been verified, you can sign up for Spotify using the student discount. If that doesn’t work, get in touch with Spotify customer service for assistance in verifying your registration.

What Happens When I Graduate With My Hulu Student Discount?

You can only use your Spotify and Hulu discount if you’re a student at an accredited institution. As a result, you will lose your eligibility for the discount if you graduate or stop attending school for whatever reason. How will they know that I’m no longer a student? SheerID for Spotify and Hulu enforces this rule by requesting that you validate your eligibility once every 12 months.

Hulu Projects

Hulu offers a variety of subscription packages to fit a variety of spending levels and entertainment preferences. There aren’t any hidden costs, commitments, or cancellation fees, and you may modify your plan and add-ons whenever you choose. Choose from one of the following Hulu plans:

  • Hulu (Ads): Access to the ad-supported streaming library is included in the $6.99 monthly (or $69.99 annual) ad-supported plan.
  • You can watch the majority of the same episodes and movies on Hulu (No Ads) for $12.99 per month.
  • Now featuring Disney+ and ESPN+ on Hulu + Live TV: Get additional on-demand video and live streaming from your preferred sports, entertainment, and news networks as well as access to additional content on Disney+ and ESPN+ by subscribing to Hulu + Live TV now with Disney+ and ESPN+ for $69.99/month.
  • Now available: Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV with Disney+ and ESPN+ You may watch practically all of the movies in our streaming library without interruptions for $75.99 a month, along with everything our Live TV subscription has to offer ESPN+ and Disney+ have more content now. Keep in mind that there will still be advertisements in anything that isn’t part of the Hulu streaming collection.

Hulu Monthly Fee

Previously, Hulu offered a free (but constrained) version of their content library. This is no longer the case, though. The platform’s free, ad-supported service was discontinued in 2016 and replaced with a subscription-based service.

In contrast, Hulu recently collaborated with Yahoo and moved some of its free programs to Yahoo View. The most current episodes of a few shows will be available on the website, and brand-new episodes will be added eight days after they premiere.

Currently, there are three tiers of the basic Hulu streaming service: a subscription, an aid-financed tier for $6 per month (after a $2 monthly price reduction), and an ad-free tier for $12 per month.

No Ads on Hulu

A regular membership with Hulu costs $6.99 per month, while a premium membership costs $12.99 per month. Students who have email addresses can subscribe to Hulu for $1.99 a month. Remember that there will be advertising played in addition to the student discount. The quickest way to stop seeing ads on Hulu is to upgrade to the premium package, often known as “Hulu (No Ads).” For those who binge-watch, Hulu’s No Commercials option is certainly worth the extra money, even though it could cost a few dollars more each month.

How To Remove Ads From Hulu

To upgrade to Hulu without advertising, just log in and choose “Manage Your Account”. You can change your subscription amount, add add-ons (HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, and Starz are all available), or delete your Hulu account on that page.

Note that regardless of whether you have the normal or No Ads subscription, your episode or movie will continue to play on Hulu if you’re watching a premium cable channel.

Hulu Specials

Thousands of movies and TV episodes, including acclaimed FX content, Hulu Originals, and exclusive new releases straight from the theaters, are accessible to users of Hulu.

The Hulu + Live TV subscription gives you access to over 75 live channels that broadcast content twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, in addition to on-demand content (including Hulu Originals like Vacation Friends, Run, and the brand-new series How I Met Your Father). Customers now receive free memberships to Disney Plus (worth $7.99) and ESPN Plus (valued $6.99), which more than justifies the recent price rise.

Student discount on Netflix

For college students, there is no Netflix discount. Don’t give up, though, just yet. There are a few ways to watch Netflix almost cost-free.

Unlimited Netflix access is available for $7.99 per month, but students on a tight budget might not be able to afford it.

Start by registering for the free 30-day trial of Netflix. Although it could take some time, this technique is totally efficient.

Getting free Netflix for 30 days is straightforward, unlike the Netflix student discount. All you require is an email address that Netflix hasn’t yet registered.

It’s crucial to keep in mind to cancel the membership before the risk-free trial time ends.

Please carefully adhere to the instructions below to receive your free Netflix for students trial:

  • Visit first. Create an account with your email address, then click TRY 30 DAYS FREE to start your Free Month Trial.
  • Select your desired plan by clicking SEE THE PLANS. Because it’s free, you can upgrade to Premium if you want. After that, click Continue.
  • The next step is to create an account by providing a new email address that has never been linked to a Netflix account and choosing a password.
  • Select a different payment option if you have already registered.
  • After entering your name and billing information, click START MEMBERSHIP.
  • Watch the shows after that, but cancel the free trial subscription before the 30-day trial is out.
  • Multiple trial subscriptions are not permitted by Netflix, but you are able to sign up again if you use a different email address and payment method, such as a prepaid credit card.
  • If you wait and cancel your membership, Netflix will typically give you an invitation for a new free trial, which could take many months.
  • The fun part is about to start. You’ll notice that the membership fee drops to a certain level after a few free trials. This can take a few tries.
  • Get unlimited access to Netflix movies and TV shows by selecting the cheapest subscription. Yes, it

Student Discount for Apple Music

Obtaining your student discount for Apple Music is easy. Just take the following actions:

  • Launch the Apple Music program.
  • You can choose “Listen Now” or “For You.”
  • Pick ‘Student’ from the trial offer.
  • Verify Eligibility by selecting it.
  • The path back to Apple Music will appear. To verify that you are a student, go into your UNiDAYS account. Log in with your Apple ID, then double-check your billing information.
  • Tap “Join.”
  • Play your preferred music now!

Before paying the student subscription

cost for upcoming months, you’ll receive a free trial. At the end of each membership year, you will need to confirm your status as a student with UNiDAYS.

Discount for students using P+

If you can prove that you are a student, you might save 25% on your Essential monthly membership. You can watch over 30,000 on-demand episodes and movies, as well as original programming, live sporting events like the UEFA Champions League and the NFL on CBS, and breaking news from the CBS News Streaming Network (formerly known as CBSN), with Paramount+.

Please keep in mind that only current college or university students who are enrolled at a recognized, Title IV higher education institution are eligible for the discount. High school students are not eligible. The process is as follows:

During the registration process, you will be required to enter your student information, including your name, college or university, and birthdate.

By comparing this information to their database of educational institutions, SheerID will make an immediate attempt to verify your status as a student. You must provide your student’s contact information exactly as it appears on official school documents.

When a database match occurs, verification is automatic, and you are then redirected to the “Payment” page where you must enter your payment details in order to start your membership. (You will be asked to “upload student documentation” if more information is needed, which will be used to verify your student status. This section contains a list of official student documentation. If more details are needed, you will be asked to “upload student documentation,” which will be used to verify your status as a student.

Student Discount for Verizon

For subscribers to its various unlimited plans, Verizon has launched a new student discount program that offers a $10 monthly discount on a single line or a $25 monthly discount on two lines. Beginning on July 2nd, the new promotion will be available.

Verizon offers four distinct “unlimited” plans as of the end of August, each with its own advantages, features, and restrictions. Prices for a single line range from $70 for the least expensive “Start Unlimited” plan to $90 for the most pricey.

Naturally, there are certain restrictions. The student must administer or own the account in order to be eligible for a student discount. (You can’t just show your student ID and cut your family plan costs in half.) Only one discount can be applied per account, even if both members are enrolled, and it is only valid for clients with a maximum of two phone lines (so you can’t just give your college-aged child management of your larger family plan).

The offer is valid for up to four years, however students are required to present yearly documentation proving their status as an undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate student at the time of application.

YouTube Student

What details concerning Spotify’s student premium plan should you be aware of? You qualify for the Spotify student discount, also known as the Premium Student account, provided you can prove that you are currently enrolled in an approved university in the United States. It is a wonderful value for students who wish to plug in their headphones or AirPods to block out their surroundings because it costs $4.99 per month rather than $9.99 per month.

Please be aware that your eligibility for the Spotify student discount will be evaluated each year to make sure you still qualify. Three services are offered for the price of one in the Spotify student package in the US, together with Hulu (ad-supported) and SHOWTIME. Unfortunately, only Americans can purchase this particular bundle. The prices for the nations listed are as follows:

  • £5.99 per month in the UK
  • $5.99 per month in Australia
  • From Canada, $4.99 per month
  • NZ$7.49 per month in New Zealand

Get Showtime, Spotify Premium, and Hulu

Although the Hulu student discount without advertisements is the streaming service’s first ever student discount, there are other ways to cut costs. A Hulu plan with ads is included in Spotify’s student package.

  • Visit Spotify’s student landing page and select “Get one-month free” to benefit from this offer.
  • After that, register a new account or log in to an existing one.
  • To verify that you are a student, use SheerID.

Benefit from a free month of Showtime, Hulu with ads, and Spotify Premium. After the first month, each subsequent month will cost $4.99.

What can I expect to gain from using the student discount for Hulu and Spotify?

When you combine the Spotify Student Discount with Hulu, you get access to:

  • Spotify Premium subscription
  • Hulu offerings
  • Access to Showtime for less than the average Hulu membership cost.
  • Hulu’s extensive streaming catalog includes exclusive series including The Handmaid’s Tale and Future Man.
  • With the Hulu Subscription discount, you also get a lot of benefits while saving money.

How Do I Transfer My Student Discount From Spotify To My Hulu Account?

Keep in mind that college students can subscribe to Hulu for less money thanks to the Spotify student discount. Simply apply your Spotify student discount to your Hulu account by following these simple steps.

  • You’ll need to open a Hulu account if you haven’t already subscribed to Spotify as a student.
  • Once you have a Hulu account, use Spotify as your payment method.
  • Look for an email from Spotify with additional instructions in your inbox.
  • Following that, take the following actions to get your free Hulu access with the Spotify student discount:
  • Go to the Account Services page to log in to your Spotify account.
  • Now Hulu will be operational.
  • Log into Hulu and grant Hulu access to your Spotify account when prompted.
  • Verify whether Spotify is accepted as a payment method on the Hulu account page. Contact Spotify’s customer service if not.

How do Hulu prices Compare to Netflix?

Hulu’s low cost for on-demand entertainment was always going to be difficult to compete with. Netflix’s lowest plan is now $9.99 and only allows streaming to one device – you’d need the $15.99 Standard plan to receive the identical two streams (in HD quality) that Hulu offers for $6.99. Paying $19.99 for Netflix Premium, on the other hand, gets you four streams and even crisper Ultra HD quality video.

Hulu + Live TV is a good option to consider if you want to combine your on-demand and cable demands at a fair price and have a large family with a variety of viewing habits. It costs $69.99 per month and offers unlimited screens for just $9.99 in addition to a ton of family-friendly programming through Disney Plus and live sports and entertainment with ESPN Plus. That ought to satisfy your home’s media-obsessed kids.

Indeed, Hulu lacks Netflix in terms of content production; the latter has just under 4,000 films to Hulu’s 2,500. Netflix, on the other hand, makes no attempt to match Hulu’s extensive selection of live TV channels, which now includes the NFL Network.

How Do the Costs of Hulu and Amazon Prime Video Differ?

You will have to pay $12.99 per month or $9.92 for an annual subscription to Amazon Prime. There is no option to increase this restriction, unlike Hulu’s Unlimited Screens add-on, however you may register individual accounts for extra family members and stream to a maximum of three devices.

Even more of a reason to join Amazon Prime if you’re a student. Users can access Amazon Prime Video and its collection of more than 13,000 movies and TV series, as well as limitless music, with an annual membership for just $4.92 per month – and that’s after a lengthy 6-month free trial! On the other hand, Hulu is making an effort to draw in both the student population and anyone over the age of 18 whoaccess to ad-supported Hulu at the ridiculously low price of $1.99 per month if they are full-time college students.

What about choices for live TV? Amazon Channels are a la carte options that can be freely added to your account. The networks include Epix, Showtime, and Starz, with monthly fees ranging from $0.99 (The List) to $28.99 (NBA League Pass), with an average of roughly $7. Hulu with Live TV can be your best option if you want to mimic the depth of cable without going overboard with the costs.

How Do Hulu’s Costs Differ From Disney Plus?

Disney owns Hulu, which now offers Disney Plus as a component of its Hulu + Live TV package. But supposing you had to select just one? On the other hand, Disney Plus offers a huge selection of both new and classic Walt Disney content, as well as blockbuster movies and animated shorts from Pixar, a leading name in animation. Nearly all Marvel movies, as well as fresh Originals like Hawkeye and WandaVision, the complete Star Wars saga, National Geographic documentaries, and every season of The Simpsons, are all accessible.

Disney Plus is mostly targeted at family, with no content rated higher than PG-13 – unless you’re a foreign member, in which case the Star on Disney Plus portal enables access to TV-MA and R Rated films. Hulu offers a wider variety and more mature content. It’s a tad more expensive than Hulu’s entry-level subscription, so US viewers who aren’t like Marvel, Star Wars, or animated movies might find it wanting.

Disney Plus, on the other hand, offers enticing membership packages that combine their platform with Hulu and ESPN Plus. This Hulu plan costs $72.99 for Hulu with Live TV and $13.99 per month for Hulu with advertisements ($19.99 per month without advertisements). Whichever option you choose, you’ll save moneythan if you had joined each platform independently. more money.

How Do Hulu Offers Differ From HBO Max?

Subscribers to HBO Max, a streaming service from WarnerMedia, have access to high-caliber movies and TV shows from HBO (including modern classics like Mare of Easttown and Game of Thrones, as well as the iconic Sex and the City and Six Feet Under), as well as programming from studios like Studio Ghibli, Cartoon Network, and New Line Cinema. As a Warner company, they have access to the Warner Brothers library, which includes all of the seasons of The Big Bang Theory and Friends as well as exclusive streaming rights to the DC Universe.

It comes down to quality vs. quantity with a library of approximately 3,000 film and television titles, which justifies the similarly high monthly subscription. While the ‘Ad-Free’ plan costs $14.99, the ‘With Ads’ plan costs $9.99. The latter offers 4K HDR streaming on some titles as well as the option to download content to view offline. Both allow for simultaneous streaming to three devices and the creation of five individual user accounts.

For any self-respecting aficionado of movies and television, HBO Max is an attractive option. It won’t, however, be appealing to people who want to replicate the instantaneous cable-hopping experience of Live TV, which is where Hulu + Live TV, with its 75+ channels, excels.

Do you desire to have it all? HBO Max can be ordered directly fromHulu as a Premium add-on, albeit currently only the most expensive $14.99 plan is offered.

How do Hulu memberships compare to Apple TV Plus?

Even less expensive than a standard Hulu plan, a monthly membership to Apple TV Plus is $4.99 per month or $49.99 annually. You can watch outstanding original shows like The Morning Show, Ted Lasso, the Golden Globe-winning comic murder mystery The Afterpartynow, and the epic Foundation, based on Isaac Asimov’s sci-fi classics, ad-free and without interruption. Additionally, it’s all available for viewing in stunning 4K resolution.

Hulu, in contrast, only allows two streams per subscription (unless you pay $9.99 a month for Unlimited Screens). The majority of movies can be watched in HD, but a select few—mostly Hulu Originals—may be watched in 4K Ultra HD. And paying an additional $6 per month on top of your regular Hulu or Live TV account is the only way to escape the adverts.

About 4000 on-demand movies are available on Hulu, which is a big benefit. There are only about 90 members to Apple TV Plus, which will launch in late 2019 and will mostly include brand-new original programming. While many of these projects are bold and thrilling and feature A-list talent, a Hulu membership is required if you want to binge a sizable collection of movies and TV shows.

How Do Hulu’s Costs Differ From FuboTV’s?

The entry-level Starter bundle from FuboTV costs $64.98, which is a little cheaper than Hulu, but it comes with a lot more channels: over 110, or about 30 more than Hulu + Live TV. It’s perfect for following the current game because a third of its lineup—which includes networks like ESPN, FH1, and NFL—is devoted to sports.

A Hulu +Live TV subscription now includes ESPN Plus, which brings a wealth of live sports events and content to the table and is essentially unmatched in terms of total entertainment value. Award-winning Hulu Originals like Nomadland and The United States vs. Billie Holiday may be found there, along with binge-worthy comic dramas like PEN15, Reservation Dogs, and Only Murders in the Building. A&E, Cartoon Network, Vice TV, CNN, and other TV networks are also available on Hulu but aren’t at the moment on Fubo.

Get a FuboTV subscription if you want a full cable replacement that is sports-focused and covers all of the major athletic competitions. and there are numerous variations if your wallet can manage it, scopes. Hulu, on the other hand, is what you need if you’re looking for a catch-all of live TV with a huge VOD library and popular Original programs.

How Do Sling TV and Hulu Plans Compare?

Are you in need of a replacement internet cable but have a limited budget? Sling TV features three base plans from which you can build a bespoke lineup, making a Sling TV plan both versatile and affordable. Hulu only offers a single Live TV bundle that is fixed at $69.99 plus a few extra channels.

About 32 channels are available on Sling Orange, including ESPN, Disney Channel, CNN, and A&E, but Sling Blue has a wider selection with a stronger emphasis on news and entertainment. Both cost $35 a month, but Sling Orange + Blue, which offers four streams and 50 channels overall, is only $50. Then you can add a lot of a la carte options to your subscription alternatives (like Showtime), as well as a variety of add-ons like Lifestyle Extra. Sling helps to ensure that your money is spent on programs you enjoy watching as a consequence.

Of course, Hulu is the only place to see an increasing number of popular Hulu Originals, like Nicole Kidman’s Nine, Perfect Strangers, the teen drama Love Victor, the miniseries Dopesick, and the work of Michael Keaton. Therefore, even though its Live TV membership is pricey, it is a simple, all-inclusive solution to all of your entertainment needs.

Additional Student Discounts on Streaming Music and Movie Services

There are additional platforms that provide student discounts on music and streaming services in addition to the Hulu student discount options.

Examples of websites that give students discounts on music and streaming services are provided below:

1. Student Discount for Amazon Prime.

Amazon now provides one of the best free trials for college students. With Prime Student, you get a six-month free trial of Amazon Prime, and then it costs just $7.49 per month for the duration of your enrollment in school (saving you 50% off the regular membership cost). You’ll have access to Amazon’s selection of TV shows and movies, as well as two-day Prime shipping (so you can send yourself a care package) and unlimited free picture storage with Prime Picture.

2. Student Discount for Spotify

Spotify’s offer is unparalleled if you want to get rid of both your music and TV streaming choices at once. For $4.99 per month, students may get Spotify Premium, Showtime, and Hulu together with ad-free access. The fact that the first month is free for all three services makes that offer, which is already a decent one, even better. You could wish to gather your roommates and buy into a Spotify Family Plan for $14.99/month after graduation because this plan must be renewed annually and can only be utilized for four years.

3. Price Including Student Discount

To benefit from this deal, you don’t have to be a die-hard Star Trek fan—Paramount+ gives a 25% student discount on monthly membership fees. Live sports, popular programs from MTV, Comedy Central, and more can all be watched for $3.74/month if you subscribe to their Limited Commercial plan, which is the same as Hulu’s.

4. Discount for students on YouTube Premium

Would you like to watch your preferred YouTube Originals and videos on the go? For $6.99 a month, busy students may subscribe to YouTube Premium, which offers both ad-free streaming and the option to download videos for offline watching. You’ll also have unrestricted access to YouTube Music if the music collections of Spotify or Amazon Music aren’t enough for you.Before you start, register for a free trial that lasts one month if you want to try it out without all the intrusive ad interruptions.

5. Student Discount for Apple TV+

With a student membership, you can get Apple TV+ and Apple Music for free for the first month and then at a reduced rate of $5.99/month (for up to 48 months) after that. With this affordable package, you can see originals like Dickinson and Central Park in addition to 50 million songs, all of which have recently undergone a significant high-definition makeover.

Hulu Student Discount No Advertising Plans

You probably found this article to be useful.  We sincerely hope that this comprehensive advice on how to get a Hulu student discount will help you save just enough money on your subscription. Enjoy your favorite TV shows and music at the lowest price possible while you’re still in college!

FAQs Regarding Hulu Student Discount No Ads Plans

Is Hulu A New Online Video Streaming Service?

No, Hulu is not a brand-new video streaming service. On the other hand, it is among the Internet’s oldest and most comprehensive video streaming services.

Does Hulu Compare to Netflix?

No, Hulu and Netflix are not interchangeable. The list of video streaming services includes Hulu and Netflix, however they are not the same.  Hulu stands out from other streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video mostly because it gives its users access to well-known shows from several traditional networks earlier.

For whom is the student discount available?

You qualify for the student discount if you are currently enrolled in a Title IV-approved US college or institution, are 18 years old or older, and SheerID has confirmed your enrollment. During signup, you will be directed to SheerID to enter your details and confirm that you are a student.

Do I need to verify again?

Yes, for the following three years, automatic re-verification will take place annually. Once a year, members must use SheerID to re-validate their enrollment status.

Can I still get the student discount if I already have a Hulu account?

Yes. To add student discount pricing to your ad-supported Hulu subscription (or switch to our ad-supported plan if you presently subscribe to Hulu (No Ads) or Hulu + Live TV), just sign in to your current Hulu account and click “GET OFFER” on this page.

Do students have access to a free trial?

You may try Hulu for no cost for up to a month by clicking on the link for a free trial.

How long is the Hulu Student Offer good for?

As long as you can demonstrate your eligibility once a year, the student offer is good for up to four years from the date of application.

How can I end my student subscription to Hulu?

After the seven-day free trial period, you can still cancel Hulu for free if you decide you no longer want to use the service. You can quickly cancel your Hulu subscription online or by contacting customer care.

Your account information will be accessible if you decide to resume at any time.

By Qaari