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study in belgium

In terms of education and career development, Belgium is a popular study abroad location for international students. Belgium’s citizens are renowned for being hospitable. When you first get somewhere new, this is always a tremendous advantage. Universities are constantly prepared to offer advice and support to their students. Here is a handbook for international students on how to study in Belgium.

Belgian Study Abroad Opportunities

A lot of youngsters intend to study abroad. However, it is frequently observed that individuals are undecided about where to attend college. The following will outline the justifications for selecting Belgium:

  • Universities in Belgium and the Belgian government both provide financial aid and several scholarships to foreign students.
  • Dutch, French, and German are the three languages that are spoken in Belgium. For international students, this opens them a number of options to improve their language abilities.
  • The majority of the population in Belgium speaks English, and there are courses available in the language, frequently at the masters level. You’ll have no trouble acclimating to the new environment.
  • Excellent networking and educational possibilities are available in Belgium.
  • For foreign students, Belgium is a secure country. It provides a high standard of living and a lively culture.

How To Pursue A Degree In Belgium As A Foreign Student

Have you already decided that you want to study in Belgium and are planning how to do it? Here, the entire procedure is described:

  • Select the program and institution you want to attend in Belgium.
  • Verify the prerequisites and eligibility conditions. Make sure you’re ready to apply.
  • The majority of study programs in Belgium are available in either French or English. Prepare for the language proficiency tests you want to take and show up for the exam.
  • Gather all the application-related papers.
  • Before the university deadlines, submit the application and supporting documentation.
  • You’ll get word that you’ve been accepted to the school.
  • Apply For A Belgium Study Visa.
  • Get on a plane and head to Belgium.

Best Degree Program In Belgium

For overseas students, Belgium offers a wide variety of courses. These are associated with professional development, degree programs, or certificate programs. For Indian students and other international students, the most popular courses to take in Belgium are:

  • Philosophy courses in Belgium
  • law school in Belgium
  • architecture courses in Belgium
  • Nursing programs in Belgium
  • Psychology courses in Belgium
  • Dental school in Belgium
  • Sociology courses in Belgium
  • MBA programs in Belgium
  • in Belgium, study mechanical engineering

Belgium’s Top Universities

Nine Belgian institutions are included in the top 100 universities in the world, which is evidence of the high caliber and popularity of the country’s educational system. They each have a network of foreign alliances. There is a strong scientific community at these big educational institutions. These nine universities in Belgium are:

UniversityQS World university
KU Leuven84
Ghent University=135
Université Catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain)=189
Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)=200
University of Antwerp=238
Universite Libre de Bruxelles=250
Université de Liège
Hasselt University=456
University of Mons651-700

The Paperwork Needed To Apply For Admission To A Belgian University

Only completing the application and sending it in wouldn’t be sufficient to guarantee entrance to Belgium. A few required documents must be sent with the application form for verification. These files include:

  1. A valid passport
  2. Passport Photo
  3. 10th and 12th grade transcripts
  4. Undergraduate degree (if applying for a masters degree)
  5. Evidence of language ability (French, English, German)
  6. purpose statement
  7. A letter of recommendation from a professor or manager
  8. Curriculum vitae (CV)

Learn English in Belgium

There are many choices for studying in Belgium in English even though the majority of courses are offered in the three major world languages. You must pass an English language test if you want to enroll in a course that is taught in English. These exams measure your language proficiency and compare it to the necessary learning benchmarks. If you are unable to obtain the necessary scores on proficiency exams, you can also identify schools that provide courses to help you enhance your language abilities.

How To Study In Belgium Without IELTS Tests?

One of the top universities where you can pursue your higher education without IELTS is Ghent University. The university is highly known for offering programs in veterinary medicine and life sciences. To study in Belgium without taking the IELTS test, you must meet one of the requirements listed below:

  • You must have completed one academic year in an institution where English is the primary language of teaching.
  • You must show evidence of your ability to converse at least at a basic level in English.


Cost Of Study In Belgium?

In Belgium, there are both public and private universities, and your tuition cost will be determined by your selection. If you are from outside the EU, you can anticipate paying between €1,000 and €4,000 annually. Typically, a private university will charge more.
Your daily expenses will be influenced by where you decide to live. Whether you select to live in university housing or a private residence. Your monthly living expenses can range from €750 to €1,100 on average. This covers lodging, meals, travel, and any supplies needed for the course.

Belgium Scholarship For Students

In Belgium, there are many scholarships available for students from other countries. Government scholarships, institution scholarships, and outside scholarships are all possible types of awards. Here are a few examples:

1. International Students’ Scholarships from the Belgian Government

  1. Scholarships for Masters and VLIR-UOS Training
  2. Scholarships from the Government of Flanders for International Students
  3. Programs offered by Erasmus Mundus in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation

2. Universities in Belgium that provide scholarships for foreign students

  1. Science@Leuven International Student Scholarships
  2. Grants from Ghent University to Developing Nations
  3. Scholarships from the Liege Heritage Foundation for International Students

3. International Students’ Scholarships from Belgian Institutions

  • ARES Fellowships
  • Fellowships from the Belgian American Education Foundation

Visa For Students In Belgium

As a student, you will need a student visa to enter Belgium to attend your study program lessons. Ensure you submit an application and be granted a student visa. You must have the following paperworks to apply:

  • Filled up and signed the application for a student visa.
  • An active passport
  • Grades and diplomas from all previous coursework.
  • A statement proving you have the money to pay for your studies and stay in Belgium.
  • A medical certificate attesting to your lack of any conditions that could endanger public health
  • A police department official certificate of good behavior.
  • Evidence of acceptance at a Belgian university.
  • Test results for language proficiency are utilized for admission.


How Should I Present My Financial Support For Belgium Student Visa?

This can be demonstrated using the following:

  1. Document authorizing an education loan.
  2. A document proving you’ve won a scholarship.
  3. The balance on your bank statement is sufficient.
  4. An agreement from your sponsor stating they will be financially responsible for your education.

Work And Study In Belgium

If students from nations outside of the EEA wish to work in Belgium, a work visa is necessary. Non-Belgians may work in Belgium if:

  1. They are enrolled full-time in a course at a university approved by the Federation Wallonia-Brussels.
  2. They possess a current residence permit.

As long as it doesn’t interfere with your studies, international students are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during the academic year. You will require a type C work permit in addition to receiving a documented “student employment contract” for the defined term from your employer. In Belgium, it’s legal to work during university holidays without a work authorization.