Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
housing cost in czech republic

Choose your career at University of New York in Prague!

The University of New York in Prague offers fully English-taught American and Czech university degrees from the city of Prague in central Europe. It offers bachelor’s degrees in business administration, communication and media, child development, digital media arts, information technology, international relations, English language and literature, political science, and psychology that are recognised by both the United States and the Czech Republic.

Dormitories are a popular low-cost living choice for students. The majority of institutions in the Czech Republic give foreign students the option of residing on campus in dorms that are owned by the schools.

For a fair fee, you can also rent a private apartment or a single room in a shared apartment if you’d like a little more space.

The following rent should be anticipated each month:

  • Around 120 USD for a student dorm room (typically two individuals per room).
  • Private Room – about USD 250
  • 500 to 800 USD for a private flat with two to three bedrooms.

Most likely, these costs will differ based on location. You might anticipate paying more if you reside in a city with a higher population, like Prague.

Cost of Living in the Czech Republic

The decision to study can be costly, whether you choose to do it domestically or overseas. In addition to tuition costs, one must also consider the general cost of living, which includes the price of housing, food, and recreational activities.

You should have a budget in mind before travelling abroad to study. If you plan to live in student housing, share a room, or be allowed to work on a student permit, think about your options.

Thankfully, the average cost of living in the Czech Republic is far lower than it is in other well-liked European study abroad locations. Thus, it’s a cost-effective choice for students from other countries!

Costs vary depending on where you are, but on average you should budget between 350 and 750 USD (290-620 Euros/7600-16200 Czech Crowns) every month. This sum should be sufficient to pay for meals, lodging, transportation, and extracurricular activities.

The following are some Czech Republic average living expenses:

  • Meal  – USD $5.90
  • Coffee – USD $1.33
  • Beer – USD $1.40
  • Cinema Ticket – USD $6.75
  • Monthly rent – USD $283
  • Monthly Transport – USD $25

Food and Drinks

Affordable, high-quality food is simple to find in the Czech Republic. Students should prepare to pay, on average, the following fees:

  • Student lunch costs 50 CZK (2.3 USD) in the cafeteria.
  • Restaurant meal: 130 CZK/5.9 USD
  • Beer costs 30 CZK or 1.4 USD at bars.

Moreover, food prices are generally lower. Hence, if you’re a student with a limited budget, think about reducing the amount of meals you eat out and opting to shop for groceries instead.


The weekends provide an opportunity to unwind and tour the Czech Republic after a full week of courses and homework. There are several student discounts available for leisure activities including visiting art galleries and museum exhibits. You should, though, nevertheless set aside some cash for socialising with friends and taking advantage of the local scene.

Expect to pay the following for some common entertainment:

  • Movie Ticket – 100–200 CZK / 4.5–9 USD
  • Museum Admission – from 40 CZK / 1.8 USD
  • Gym Admission – from 100 CZK / 4.5 USD
  • Bike Rental – 200–500 CZK / 9–23 USD per day

Check to see if you qualify for an International Student Identification Card (ISIC) once you arrive in the Czech Republic. This card entitles students to discounts for travel, dining, movies, museums, exhibitions, and concerts.

Student Accommodation

Choosing whether to live in a residence hall or rent private housing is a crucial next step after being accepted to your preferred university.

The majority of institutions in the Czech Republic offer dorms, which undoubtedly offers a number of enjoyable experiences and benefits. Yet, many students in the Czech Republic opt to look for private housing. See how some overseas students located private housing in this guide.