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Czech Republic Language And Culture.

The University of New York in Prague offers fully English-taught American and Czech university degrees from the city of Prague in central Europe. It offers bachelor’s degrees in business administration, communication and media, child development, digital media arts, information technology, international relations, English language and literature, political science, and psychology that are recognised by both the United States and the Czech Republic.

A Brief History

The Czech Republic has a fascinating history and a rich cultural heritage. The 13th century saw the beginning of the Czech kingdom. The University of Prague was founded in 1348 by Charles IV, who also made it a significant role in the academic world. Yet, there have been some significant changes to the Czech Republic between the early Middle Ages and the present. After World War I came to a close in 1918, the Czechs proclaimed their independence, creating the independent nation of Czechoslovakia. The years that followed were fruitful ones for the young country, and Czechoslovakia swiftly rose to prominence as one of the world’s most developed nations.

Yet when the Second World War started, Czechoslovakia was divided into three separate entities. After the war, Czechoslovakia regained its independence, albeit with reduced land. The Communist Party assumed power in 1946, and the Soviet Union ruled the nation until the Velvet Revolution in 1989. Students and intellectuals who were fed up with the Communist dictatorship and demanding free elections propelled the new revolution.

Czechoslovakia finally broke up into the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1992. Later, in 2004, the Czech Republic will formally accede to EU membership.


Czech is the Czech Republic’s official language. Czech, an Indo-European language with about 11 million native speakers, belongs to the Slavic family. Although many people in the Czech Republic have a basic understanding of English, knowing a few useful Czech phrases will help you get along much better.


Although being a relatively tiny nation, the Czech Republic has gained popularity among tourists in large part because of its intriguing history and extensive cultural legacy. The nation is home to several mediaeval towns and cities, more than 1500 castles, 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and castles and chateaux from fairytales.

Students can savour regional cuisine, visit open-air museums, farmers’ markets, and craft shops, as well as numerous other natural attractions like national parks, hiking trails, and bicycle routes. Uncertain of the most affordable method to get to these locations? Not to worry! It’s simple to go to any of these locations quickly thanks to the superb public transportation infrastructure.

Useful Czech Phrases:

Hello. (formal) – Dobrý den. (DOH-bree dehn)

Hello. (informal) – Ahoj. (ahoy)

Hi. (informal) – Čau. (chow)

How are you? (formal)- Jak se máte? (yahk seh MAA-teh?)

How are you? (informal) – Jak se máš? (yahk seh MAA-sh?)

Fine, thank you. – Dobře, děkuji. (DOH-brzheh, DYEH-koo-yih.)

Please. – Prosím (Proseem)

Thank you. – Děkuji. (Dyekooyih.)

You’re welcome. – Rádo se stalo. (Raado seh stulo.)

Yes. – Ano. (AH-noh.)

No. – Ne. (neh.)

Excuse me, I am sorry. (getting attention) – Promiňte (PROH-mih-nyteh)

I’m sorry. – Je mi to líto. (yeh mee toh LEE-toh)

Goodbye (formal) – Na shledanou (NAHSH-leh-dah-noh)

Bye (informal) – Ahoj (ahoy), Čau (chow)

I can’t speak Czech [well]. – Neumím [moc dobře] mluvit česky (Neh-oomeem [mots dobrzheh] mloovit cheskee.)

Do you speak English? – Mluvíte anglicky? (Mlooveeteh unglitskee?)

I don’t understand. – Nerozumím (NEH-roh-zoo-meem)

Where is the toilet? – Kde je záchod? (Gdeh yeh ZAHH-khoht?)

Take a course if you wish to improve your Czech language abilities. Foreigners who are interested in learning Czech have a variety of possibilities, including the Summer School of Slavonic Studies, college courses, Czech Centers abroad, or a private institution. You can conduct your own Czech language study with a variety of books and applications that will help you gain a solid understanding of the language.