Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
student accommodation cost in wales

Wales is a popular choice for students looking for an affordable adventure because the cost of living is 4 times lower than in some parts of England.

Wales has cheaper living expenses than the majority of the rest of the UK. Of all the university cities in the UK, Cardiff, the capital of Wales, has the second-lowest monthly rent. The city itself placed fourth for monthly rental costs among UK university cities and sixteenth overall in the 2021 NatWest Student Living Index.

For instance, Aberystwyth University gives international students free housing for their first year of study! Other universities in Wales also provide additional incentives for foreign students.


The majority of first-year international students prefer to reside in university-run residence halls. They could be found on-campus or in a “student village” close to campus.

You won’t have to share a room at any of the universities we partner with because every room is a single. Some rooms have an ensuite bathroom, while others share a bathroom. Nonetheless, you usually do share a kitchen with 6–10 other people. In certain flat buildings, you could also find communal spaces. In Wales, the majority of universities are self-catered, allowing students to prepare their own meals. Yet, several colleges still offer accommodations with catered (meal-plan) meals.

After your first year, you usually leave campus to live with friends you’ve made while living on campus. Yet, there is still some university housing available for second- and third-year students.

The cost of on-campus housing is calculated weekly. It has a set price and includes:

  • Room
  • Internet
  • Utilities

You can expect to pay between:

  • For university-managed housing, the weekly rate ranges from £75 to 190. (not including the Aberystwyth accommodation scholarship)
  • Private off-campus housing costs between £80 and £90 a week.

The cost varies by location and whether it is a studio flat or a room with an en suite bathroom.

Other costs of studying in Wales

Welsh students have the option of purchasing or borrowing their own textbooks. The university library will have access to all required textbooks.

It’s vital to keep in mind that you will have to pay a health surcharge, which averages roughly £470 per year of study, when you apply for your visa to study in the UK. You can use the National Health Service for free thanks to this. This cost in Wales also includes free prescriptions.

When determining prices, the Which? student budget calculator is a helpful resource. For instance, Swansea’s tuition is approximately £820 per month (not including fees). Meanwhile, the expense of attending school in London might exceed £1200 per month.