Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
10 Best College Towns In America

It’s common for students to concentrate on the institutions themselves when trying to decide which college to attend. However, students might be able to restrict their options far more quickly by employing a different strategy. Focusing on the top college cities in America can be a smart choice as the place they live in affects their overall experience.

Students can narrow down their choice by considering lifestyle and accessibility to amenities by learning about the greatest college cities in America. The majority of college towns have a vibrant culture and strong academic programmes, ensuring that students have access to all they require. That being the case, it might be simpler for students to locate a good all-around match.

Here is what your student needs to know about college cities in the US if they want to make sure their overall experience is as nice as possible.


A college town is, in the most basic sense, a place where the nearby university has a significant impact on the local culture and economics. The communities frequently give the school some favours. For instance, they frequently provide amenities and ambiance that appeal to younger folks.

Additionally, universities in college towns are frequently given tremendous support from the community. It is customary for the entire community to participate in events, and many locals want to do their part to support the school’s success.


The following list of the top ten college cities in the US is presented in no particular order:


Even though College Station is a larger community, more than 40% of the residents are students. The town is quite supportive as a result.

College Station is a bustling city that combines a modern culture with Southern charm. It is home to Texas A&M University, one of the biggest universities in the country based on the number of students. Additionally, it offers first-rate city-level amenities while maintaining a little suburban atmosphere, easily making it one of the finest college towns in the US.


The renowned University of Wisconsin – Madison is one of the many colleges and universities in Madison. The town is full with chances for fun and amusement and exudes a youthful spirit. Additionally, there are many cultural events, making it a popular choice for those who love the performing arts and music.

The fact that Madison is among the most picturesque college towns is another noteworthy aspect. The region has several amenities, including campuses near lakes and streets surrounded with trees. It’s not surprising that many students like their stay in Madison when such factors are combined with top-notch educational opportunities.


The large population of students makes Ames one of the best college towns in the US. Despite having a greater population, the city has a higher than average percentage of college students living there. As a result, Ames makes a strong effort to assist local young adults.

Students enjoy an outstanding collegiate experience in the city that is home to Iowa State University. The town itself is also quite charming, providing a traditional sense while also being contemporary. It is ideal for active and inquisitive students as well because there are many possibilities for recreation and a strong arts scene.


Gainesville, Florida, is unquestionably one of the best cities for communities that are passionate and have a strong sense of loyalty to their neighborhood school. Gainesville, Florida, is home to the University of Florida, which has the fifth-largest student body in the country. There are many chances for outdoor recreation, in addition to cultural activities like arts festivals.

Gainesville’s proximity to stores, theaters, and other necessities makes it one of the top college towns in the US. It is convenient to live on campus because most things a student needs are close by.


Oxford can be the perfect place for those who prefer smaller cities and educational institutions. Locals provide Miami University a tonne of support, and there are plenty of opportunities to buy and obtain other necessities. The town has a charming appearance as well, with old-fashioned brick buildings and similar elements. Despite the classic architecture, modern conveniences make sure students have all they need.

Oxford also succeeds in fusing a youthful feeling with a laid-back atmosphere. There are options accessible for students who wish to relax with a coffee or have some fun.


Ithaca, one of the best small college towns, has only 30,000 residents. However, Ithaca College and Cornell University are two of the city’s top universities. Since students make up a sizable portion of the general populace, the municipality concentrates on helping them.

Additionally, Ithaca is quite walk-able, which benefits college students both on and off campus. The town is also welcoming and culturally diverse, making sure that everyone feels comfortable everywhere they go.


Rexburg, Idaho, is the place to go if your student wants to locate one of the safest college towns in the nation. Rexburg, which is home to Brigham Young University – Idaho, has an extraordinarily low crime rate overall, especially when it comes to serious offenses. Additionally, partly as a result of how safe it is, it is seen as a family community.

The abundance of job prospects for students in Rexburg is another noteworthy aspect of the city. The region is also stunning. The town is beautiful, and the surroundings are stunning, giving the area a refreshing atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else.


Bloomington, where Indiana University is located, combines a small-town atmosphere with big city conveniences. In contrast to many other cities, there is a sense of community and vibrancy brought about by the street trees. Additionally, there are several chances for outdoor enjoyment due to the abundance of neighboring parks, lakes, and trails.

In terms of arts and culture, Bloomington performs admirably as well. Festivals frequently occur, providing students even more to discover in addition to concerts and theatre productions.


There is a lot for college students in Provo. In addition to having lower school costs, the city is surprisingly inexpensive. That, along with a laid-back atmosphere and good walking distance, make Provo a popular choice.

Additionally, more than 40% of people in Provo are college students. Because of this, the city makes sure there is a lot to offer young adults, including enough of support for the school itself and ample access to essential resources.


Scottsdale, known as the West’s Most Western Town, is one of the greatest college towns to live in due to its vibrant energy and suburban vibe. Old Town has a special appeal that is accentuated by enjoyable attractions like art galleries. There are other parks nearby as well, providing opportunity for relaxation.

Scottsdale’s weather is renowned for being warm and sunny. That feature alone might make the community appealing to college students who would rather avoid the rain or the chilly weather. Another benefit is that it’s one of the safest cities in the country.