Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
The Best Student E-Learning Platforms

Using e-learning platforms while attending school may not seem required if you have a high school or college student living at home. But many of the top student online learning programs are beneficial, and not simply for the reasons you may assume.

The correct online course platforms can provide academically challenged students a boost, enabling them to better understand a subject and enhance their performance. Additionally, students can advance by using the best online learning resources. They can perform better when it matters by selecting courses that give them a firmer foundation for the educational path that lies ahead.

In the end, there are several benefits to using the top online education platforms. Here’s what you need to know if you’re wondering how they might benefit your student and which ones are worthwhile to use.


  1. Benefits of Online Course Platforms for Students
  2. Top Student Online Learning Platforms

Khan Academy is listed first, followed by Coursera, then Udemy, then MasterClass, then Skillshare. Udacity, EdX.


For students who want to advance academically or who need extra help with a subject, several of the greatest online course platforms can be immensely helpful. Additionally, some selections can quickly strengthen a student’s resume, making it simpler for them to start their future careers.

Even many platforms for free online courses offer such advantage. There are a number of well-known platforms that offer classes to everyone without payment. Because of this, they may be ideal options for enhancing knowledge or developing abilities.

The solutions that are best for your student, however, may vary depending on their academic standing and overarching objectives. Even the top student online learning environments have advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, each one typically caters to a specific type of learner, which makes a difference. Students would be wise to carefully weigh their options before selecting a platform because of this.


Here is a summary of the top student-friendly online learning environments, along with details on their features, prices, and more.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of the best free online learning resources for high school students. The classes, which emphasize traditional disciplines like English, history, and algebra, are primarily geared toward K–12 pupils. Additionally, there are classes available to help with SAT and AP preparation, which is really helpful.

Students can work at their own pace in these courses, which might keep them from becoming overly demanding. Additionally, the classes are developed by subject-matter experts, guaranteeing the accuracy of the information.


Coursera is a wide platform with courses on almost every subject, making it one of the greatest online education platforms for college students, professionals, and college-bound high school kids who want to get ahead. Since many of the offers are created in collaboration with prestigious colleges, the overall quality is raised. Furthermore, even the introductory classes are frequently fairly in-depth.

In general, these aren’t usually the best fit for younger high school students because they are created with college students and professionals in mind. The platform, however, is a fantastic choice for developing skills and can even assist students in obtaining professional qualifications or degrees.

Coursera courses can range in price. Over 1,500 free courses are available, which is a good place to start. If your student wishes to access even more courses, they may do so for $59 per month or $399 per year. Keep in mind that the cost of the degree and certificate programs varies depending on the course of study.


More than 185,000 different online video courses can be found on Udemy, another of the major venues for online learning, and new ones are added every single month. There are options accessible, whether your youngster wants assistance with high school courses like geometry or Spanish, wants to delve into technical areas before college, or wants to advance their profession.

The price of courses on Udemy varies, just like it does with many of the greatest online learning platforms for students. The least priced are often $15 to $20, but some might cost $200 or more.


A distinctive feature of MasterClass is that it concentrates on classes taught by well-known professionals, usually those who have achieved some level of notoriety. Although the majority of the content is geared toward adults, not all of the courses cover traditional academic-style subjects. The courses cover a wide range of topics.

For instance, there are lots of MasterClass courses available that are focused on music and cookery, which might not be useful to all college students as they work toward a degree. But there are also courses on writing, business, science, technology, history, economics, and other subjects that could be helpful for people pursuing degrees.

Even so, MasterClass is a fun platform with affordable subscription prices. It can cost as little as $15 per month, giving your kid access to more than 150 courses with an average of 20 sessions each.


College students may find some applications for Skillshare, another service that mostly caters to adults. Many of the writing courses could be beneficial for anyone pursuing a degree, while some of the other categories might be advantageous for students majoring in particular fields. For instance, there are classes devoted to marketing, technology, design, and other specialized areas.

If your student picks the annual option, the price comes out to around $14 each month. Otherwise, the monthly cost is $36. There is a free trial available if you want your student to check out the platform before deciding if it’s worth it.


The fact that more than 160 member universities contributed to the creation of EdX’s courses is one of its distinctive aspects. This indicates that the offers are academically focused, concentrating on conventional academic topics that students frequently face when pursuing degrees.

Students who want to major in STEM fields should choose this choice because there are many more courses available in those areas than in some of the others. For other majors, there are still alternatives; they are simply less in number.

The price aspect varies. Due to its extensive, open-access collegiate-level offerings, EdX is one of the top free online learning environments. These are excellent ways for college students (or soon-to-be high school grads) to be ready for higher-level courses or to review important material while studying the corresponding subject.

Keep in mind that since those options require payment, kids who select the free option won’t earn college credits or certificates that way. Additionally, certain courses are only offered for a fee, which often ranges from $50 to $300.


One of the top online learning resources for students looking to advance their careers is Udacity. The platform provides nano-degrees that focus on particular skill sets. Although there are some possibilities in the business sector, the programs are primarily focused on technology.

The professors are frequently active professionals who work in the subject area. This can make the information very applicable and simple to utilize in the workplace because it puts a greater emphasis on real-world applications than on academic-style learning.

Although Udacity refers to the courses as nano degrees, the platform is not certified, therefore the credits cannot be applied toward a degree at another college or university. However, many employers acknowledge these credentials, making them useful in some professions.