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Top scholarships for Howard University

For both its undergraduate and graduate programs, Howard University provides fully and partially financed scholarships.  These awards are intended to help newly admitted college students at Howard University who have chosen to enroll after demonstrating exceptional academic accomplishment throughout their secondary school careers.

Top scholarships for Howard University

Various academic divisions and outside organizations offer and oversee scholarships at Howard University.

Some of the scholarships Howard University offers are listed below:

1. Howard Need and Merit Scholarship

Particularly at Howard University, we are dedicated to helping our students succeed academically by providing more than $106 million in scholarships and honors annually. Numerous merit-based scholarships are given out to students, each with its unique requirements. Some scholarships are one-of-a-kind, while others can be renewed if the student meets specific requirements.

Students must be enrolled full-time in the fall and spring semesters to be eligible for this grant. The following are additional requirements for the scholarship:

  • The student (US citizens by birth, permanent residents, and naturalized residents) must submit their free Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application on time.
  • Student must keep a minimum GPA.
  • Each semester, earn the necessary number of credits.
  • A “Scholarship Acceptance Statement” describing the requirements to be eligible for the award the following year is given to each student receiving merit-based funding, and they must sign it.

2. Transfer Scholarship Program

Howard University is aware that a student’s first option might not necessarily be the best. They established the Howard University Transfer Scholarship in an effort to draw great students who were considering transferring from other universities.

Only a small number of these competitively awarded scholarships are made available to transferred students each year. Actually, students need to have a 3.25 GPA and at least 30 hours of experience in order to be referred.

For the first semester, as long as the winner registers at Howard University, they will receive a $10,000 stipend. The award cannot be extended.

3. Scholarships from Howard Trustee

Students with a 3.0% grade point average are eligible for the Howard trustee scholarship. Candidates must be in need of financial aid and be enrolled full-time at Howard.

4. Frederick Douglass Scholarship Initiative

This grant was created to attract new Ph.D. applicants. Only applicants who exhibit outstanding academic promise will be taken into consideration for this award. For one of Howard’s PhD programs, applicants must be at least 35 years old.

Additionally, candidates must exhibit a desire to pursue a higher education. Students participating in the program will get $15,000 per year for five years. Consequently, the winner of this prize may take home $75,000 from it.

The student will get an additional US $1,000 per year for research on top of the scholarship. Additionally, awardees receive faculty oversight and specific activities to aid in the improvement of their teaching. All students are required to be present at all times.

5. The HUFS, or Howard University Freshman Scholarship

First-year students are eligible for this grant. The conditions for the HUFS award for freshmen can change every year. The use of an internal application is not necessary. Students’ SAT/ACT scores and high school GPAs are entered by the Office of Admissions into our system, which establishes their eligibility for merit-based scholarships.

HUFS Transfer scholarship allocations may also change from year to year. This suggests that there might not always be funds available for new transfer students. On the other hand, transfer students who have already received HUFS Transfer awards may keep them as long as they meet the requirements laid out in their contracts for renewal.

Students’ eligibility for need-based HUFS scholarships is determined by their Expected Family Contributions (EFC). The FAFSA is required for domestic students. ISFAA is essential for overseas students. Students must sign and submit the HUFS Acceptance Agreement to the Office of Financial Aid before the deadline in order to accept HUFS offers. They must also accept the Terms and Conditions on their BisonWeb account.

After four years, HUFS incentives will cease to be valid

  • HU Achievers Scholarship
  • HU Presidential Scholarship
  • HU Capstone Scholarship
  • HU Founders Scholarship
  • Leadership Fellowship at HU
  • HU Access Grant
  • HU Opportunity Grant

6. Postdoctoral positions

For selected graduate students, graduate assistantships are competitive enrichment opportunities. There are four different sorts of assistantships, each requiring 15 hours of work per week. Examples of these include administrative internships, teaching fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships.

The duration of a graduate assistantship is one academic year alone. Graduate students with assistantships may be able to supplement their income with grants and supplementary scholarships.

For assistantships, students can submit an application to the graduate studies chair at HU. All applicants for assistantships must be enrolled full-time and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2. Additionally, they must be fluent in both English and multicultural communication.

7. Fellowship Program of the Sasakawa Young Leaders Foundation

One of the several Howard University scholarships offered to Ph.D. students is the Sasakawa Young Leaders Foundation Fellowship Program. The recipients of this grant must be enrolled in a social science program. Candidates for this fellowship have a strong commitment to pursuing global peace and international concerns.

Fellows are expected to pursue studies in foreign policy. Candidates must be full-time students pursuing their degree and have a GPA of 3.5. The research grants for the Sasakawa Fellows may be used to pay for supplies and travel costs. The awardee is solely responsible for deciding how the money will be used.

8. Esther Ottley Scholarship

The Esther Ottley Fellowship is a different prize available at Howard University and it offers financial support to female doctoral candidates enrolled in any graduate degree program. The fellowship is awarded based on merit by the Financial Aid Advisory Committee.

The GPA requirement for the fellowship is at least 3.5. While receiving the fellowship, fellows are required to do a 15-hour per week internship in the Graduate School. Strong leaders are given preference in the selection process.

Students must complete an Esther Ottley Fellowship application form and three letters of recommendation. It’s possible that further information may be needed to finish the application.

Howard University

Howard’s asking price is $49,250.00. This amount on the sticker includes tuition, fees for books and supplies, lodging and board, and other incidentals.

The price of tuition might change from year to year, and you can anticipate an increase during the course of your four years in college. Having said that, your financial help will also be revised annually to account for tuition increases.

The breakdown of Howard University tuition is shown in the following table below:

Tuition $28,440.44
Books & Supplies $1,900.00
Room & Board $15,650.00
Other Expenses $3,260.00
Total Sticker Price $49,250.00

Acceptance Rate at Howard University

One of the best universities in the country, Howard University is a top choice for many aspiring college students. The cost of attendance, followed by the acceptance rate, is a crucial consideration when selecting an institution to apply to. The admittance rate for Howard University is 41.4%. There are many students taking advantage of Howard University scholarships as a result of this acceptance rate.

Howard Minimum GPA

The minimum GPA requirement at Howard is 3.55. Your high school grades must be average for the university to accept you. Your chances of getting into a highly selective university like Howard are better the higher your GPA.By earning higher grades in subjects like AP or IB classes, you can make up for the GPA.

Howard College Aid financially

The Free Application for Federal Student help, sometimes known as the FAFSA, must be filled out by students who want to be considered for financial help at Howard University.Students should fill out the FAFSA as soon as it is available on October 1st!

The FAFSA includes financial data from the previous year, so you can use last year’s financial data without having to wait for the year to conclude. Howard University’s FAFSA code is 001448.

Grants for Pell at Howard University

Pell Grants, which are given to undergraduate students with a documented need for financial assistance (those with a bachelor’s or professional degree are ineligible), are received by 44% of Howard University’s students. The federal government grants Pell Grants, which are not returned. Students must submit their FAFSA in order to be considered for a Pell Grant. If you are accepted to Howard University, your financial aid award letter will indicate any Pell Grants you have been given.

Jobs at Howard University

Every autumn and spring semester, the office of career services holds job fairs, internship fairs, and on-campus interviews for all students. For those who intend to pursue higher education in the USA, a few placement reports are shown below.

The median annual income increases by 35,800 USD two years after graduation and by 49,200 USD six years after graduation. Two years after graduation, 25% of students earn less than 21,8100 USD per year while 25% make more than 53,200 USD. Six years after graduation, 25% of students earn less than 29,400 USD annually while 25% make more than 71,500 USD annually.

The average salaries offered to students with job titles are tabulated below:

Job Title Average Salary(USD/year)
Systems Engineer, IT 66,265
Education Program Manager 52,054
Department Chair 129,315
Systems Analyst 68,767
Medical Social Worker 57,254
Academic Coordinator 52,585

Rankings for Howard University

In the 2023 World University by QS Top University rankings, Howard University received a ranking of #751–800. The following are some further rankings that Howard University has achieved:

  • #251-300 in THE 2022’s World University Rankings;
  • #83 in US News 2022’s ranking of National Universities;
  • #22 in US News 2022’s ranking of Best Undergraduate Teaching;
  • #41 in US News 2022’s ranking of Best Value Schools;
  • #40 in US News 2022’s ranking of Most Innovative Schools.

Some Notable Howard University Alumnus

Numerous members of the faculty and alumni are well-known on a global scale for their individual expertise in the social sciences, biological and living sciences, engineering and life sciences, and the arts and humanities, among other important subjects. Alumni benefit from the opportunity to purchase tickets at a reduced price for HUAA-sponsored events, access to the founder library’s rich history, and membership in a strong mentoring alumni network. They also have the opportunity to attract current students.

Famous Howard University alums include:

  • The 49th vice president of the United States is Kamala Harris.
  • Aerospace engineer Aprille
  • Ericsson actor Chadwick Bosman
  • Former justice of the Supreme Court
  • Lasalle D.Leffall, a distinguished teacher and surgeon, is Thurgood Marshall
  • Andrew Young, a Georgia-born American congressman and ambassador to the UN

Best Howard University Scholarships, in conclusion

One of the best universities in the US, Howard University awards numerous scholarships to qualified students. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for these awards.

Top Howard University Scholarships FAQs

What kind of financial aid am I eligible for at Howard University?

At Howard University, 1,473 first-year students received a total of 98.0% scholarships for an average of $20,632 per. This is in the top 20th percentile of all American universities. In addition to scholarships, 46.0% of first-year students (682 in all) received federal grant aid, which is equivalent to $5,555 per student.

Can transfer students at Howard University apply for scholarships?

Yes, transfer students at Howard University are qualified to apply for scholarships. However, compared to incoming freshmen, transfer students may have different access to and eligibility for scholarships.

Are there any full scholarships available at Howard University?

Yes, Howard University offers full scholarships.

Ivy League colleges and Howard University coexist?

Yes, it belongs to the group of eight elite colleges known as Ivy League College in the Northeastern United States. Similar to Spelman College, Hampton University, Tuskegee University, Morehouse College, Fisk University, and other Black Ivy League colleges, it is recognized as such.

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