Mon. Dec 4th, 2023
What Are The Top Law Schools In The UK

This degree has a great reputation of its own, with graduates like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi who are well-known worldwide. This just serves to highlight how far a law degree may take you and how highly recognized law graduates are around the world.

You do acquire skills that are valued by businesses all over the world as a result of studying law. Politics, journalism, and even television hosting don’t offer as many career options as the legal profession. In light of this, we’ve put together a list of some of the top law colleges in the UK for foreign students:

Summary of Contents

  1. The UK’s Top 5 Law Schools
  2. The College of Law
  3. Cambridge College
  4. Oxford University
  5. Glasgow University
  6. London School of Economics

The UK’s Top 5 Law Schools

With a long and illustrious history, UK law schools provide a wide variety of legal degrees. In light of this, you should consider two things before determining whether to pursue a law degree in the UK:

Which college do you want to attend to further your education?
Which legal degree will best suit your needs?
You will find this to be a challenging task as an international student because there are so many UK colleges and degrees to pick from. We’ve compiled a list of the best law schools in the UK to help you with this.

1. The College of Law

One of the first institutions of higher learning in the UK for the study of law is the University of Law. They were first established in 1876. The university’s courses, which range from the undergraduate LLB to professional postgraduate qualifications, are meticulously created by experienced law academics and practitioners, so you can be sure that you’re learning practical legal skills from real lawyers.

Along with offering GDL and LPC programs at the Universities of Exeter, Reading, and Liverpool, it has campuses in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Chester, Guildford, Leeds, Manchester, and Nottingham.

2. Cambridge College

One of the best law schools in the UK is Cambridge University, which offers outstanding legal degrees, approachable modern teaching methods, and a famous faculty. The study programs offered by this university show a commitment to helping you realize your full academic and intellectual potential.

Their goal is to equip students with the knowledge and respect necessary to establish justice while also giving them a special understanding of the legal issues facing contemporary society. Cambridge graduates’ high employability is a result of their solid reputation in the labor market.

At the University of Cambridge, you can enroll in one of the following programs to study law:

  1. BA Law
  2. LLM Law
  3. Master’s in Corporate Law
  4. Doctorate in Law

3. Oxford University

The Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford is a famous hub for legal research. A legal degree from this esteemed university will not only entitle you to practice law, but it will also give you a set of useful information and life skills. Oxford degrees are highly valued by prospective employers due to the graduates’ excellent employability. The University of Oxford offers two law courses:

  1. Course I is a three-year program.
  2. Course II is a four-year program that offers an additional year spent studying abroad at a university in France, Germany, Italy, or Spain. It has the same curriculum as Course I.

One of the top legal schools in the UK is located at this university, which also provides – DPhil in Criminology and a Bachelor of Civil Law (Graduate Course)

4. Edinburgh University

Glasgow University is one of the best law schools in the UK because of its top-notch legal degrees, outstanding faculty, vibrant, active research community, and extensive array of cutting-edge facilities. Your law degree from this university will enable you to build analytical and critical thinking abilities that are highly desired by potential employers in addition to providing you with a thorough foundation of Scottish and Common Law.

The Glasgow University’s list of law programs includes:

  1. Highland Law LLBs Common-Law LLB
  2. Highland Law (Graduate Entry) Common-Law LLB (Graduate Entry) LLB
  3. Professional Legal Practice Diploma in Corporate and Financial Law PgDip
  4. The Digital Economy and Intellectual Property LLM
  5. LLM in international business law
  6. LLM in Global Competition Law & Policy
  7. London School of Economics, International Economic Law LLM, Social Legal Studies MRes

5. London School Of Economics

One of the foremost centers for legal education and study is the LSE Law School. This outstanding university is renowned for its superior educational standards, adaptable study options, and cutting-edge, futuristic educational philosophy.

Your law degree from this university will prepare you for a challenging career in a competitive industry.

The LSE Law offers a variety of legal degrees, including the following:

  1. LLB Bachelor of Laws
  2. LLM Master of Laws
  3. Executive LLM
  4. MSc Law and Accounting
  5. PhD Law